Case Study Naomi Pitt Roche, Premier Crew

When I first met Naomi her previous accountant had gone AWOL and she and her colleagues were muddling through the accounts whilst trying to keep on top of a thriving business.

Review Previous Systems

Although all the bills were paid, the paperwork was a mess; some purchase invoices had been entered onto her bookkeeping software, but in the incorrect place and others just didn’t seem to be on the system at all. Her previous accountant had not filed the returns as promised, so she had received fines from HMRC regarding VAT and Payroll. Naturally, Naomi was rather stressed and needed help so this didn’t happen again.

Liaise HMRC

I visited Naomi once and got all the accounts paperwork organised for her. Going through her bank statements and reconciling each transaction we were able to work out what was what. I also spoke to HMRC on Naomi’s behalf to address the problems with VAT and Payroll – it turned out a few submissions had not gone through properly. I corrected these errors, sent the amended submissions as required, and sorted out all the issues with HMRC without any problems.

Set up Stress Free Systems

From then, I took over the day to day bookkeeping, payroll and VAT preparatins and submissions. All her books are now up to date and each submission is filed each month/quarter on time. Naomi is now able to relax in the knowledge that her books, payroll and VAT are all looked after, are organised, and she will never be late making a submission again, nor receive another fine. A member of staff has now taken over the bookkeeping and works closely with PPF to ensure everything is as up to date as it can be on a daily basis. Her books are all ready for end of year account preparations, which I am also now able to prepare in plenty of time, again alleviating stress with leaving everything to the last minute and filing just before the deadline. I think it is fair to say she is now extremely happy and completely stress free when it comes to her accounts!

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