We are now partnered with Chaser!

Do you hate having to contact customers and chase for payment of your invoices?  It’s an inconvenience having to chase people, taking up valuable time and let’s face it – it’s a bit embarrassing isn’t it?  Something I often put off myself!

There is a better way

We’ve done the research and scoured the market and have now found a cloud software that links with Xero to chase all your outstanding invoices, politely, pleasantly – and most importantly – automatically – no more dreaded phone calls!

We’re proud to partner with Chase to bring you a new Virtual Credit Control service.

It’s not a credit control product, it’s magic

If you could wave a magic wand, you might magically add £100 to your bank balance, or £1000, or even more!

We have seen exactly this happen by using Chaser in our own practice to get outstanding invoices paid – some of them even GOT PAID EARLY!

Getting the best out of your credit control has never been so easy.  Chaser helps to take the hassle out of your credit control whilst giving you the best possible results.

How does it work?

First of all we set up the templates, which are the basis of the email chasers that you send out. These can be tailored to your personal style, giving the human touch.  Copies of your invoices and statements are automatically attached to your email chasers, and we can create unlimited templates to suit all your chasing needs.

We then set up your schedules and set your templates to be sent out as email chasers at different points before and after an invoice’s due date.  We can create multiple schedules for different chasing approaches for different groups of customers.  We can also set for later email chasers to be sent from a more senior individual in your business and to a more senior individual at your customer’s business. We also build in customer goodwill by automatically sending a thank you message when an invoice is reconciled as paid in Xero.


We make sure the email chasers that you send look and feel like the emails you would send manually, ensuring chasers have the maximum impact.  All emails are sent from your normal email address and have your normal signature at the bottom of your email too.  We can also set it so that multiple invoices are chased in one email chaser, so it doesn’t flag up as automated.

Why use our Virtual Credit Control Service?

We want to help you get the best results and we will work with you to ensure you get paid quicker, and save time whilst doing so:

  • 80% of outstanding invoices can be collected by email chasing alone
  • Customers on average save 7.3 hours per week on credit control
  • On average, customers get paid 16 days earlier, bringing a £4,400 cashflow boost for every £100,000 turnover

Plus it also means no more embarrassing phone calls that you dread, or even writing the emails yourself. We can take this hassle away from you completely so you can focus on other areas of your business.

We work with you to get the software all set up for you, and regularly update the templates and keep an eye on your debtors to ensure Chaser is working effectively for you and your business.

Take a look at Chaser’s demo video to see Chaser in action – see some of the key features, how they work and how they will benefit you.


To discover how you can set up this software (with our help) and get your customers to pay on time (or even early!) please visit our Work With Us page to complete a quick questionnaire and at the end there is a link to book a discovery call with us to see how we can take the hassle of chasing payments out of your hands.

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