What is a registered address and why do I need one?

A registered address is the address your company is legally registered to (Limited Companies and LLPs).  It’s your official contact address for delivering official mail from the government – ie Companies House and HMRC.

A service address is required for all directors, shareholders, and PSCs (Person of Significant Control) as an official contact address for the individual.

Both of these addresses are on public record (ie Companies House website) and can be found by anyone who looks your company up.  You are also required to state your registered address on your website, your invoices, your letterhead and order forms.

For businesses who have physical premises it is usually the case that they use their premises as their registered and service address.

Those who work from home, and do not have physical premises, may not like the idea of their home address being so readily available, and traditionally would look to use their accountant’s address for this purpose.

However, at PPF we don’t have physical premises either, so that is not an option.  When we went fully remote were faced with this very dilemma, and we researched the options available.  We are now proud to partner with The London Office, and be able to offer a registered office service again to our clients (and of course we use it ourselves, and are very pleased with the service!).  There are a few addresses in London available to choose from, as well as Edinburgh and Ipswich.  They scan and email all mail received usually on the same day, to us, and we will then forward on accordingly.

If you don’t receive (or expect to receive!) mail other than official mail from HMRC and Companies House then you just need their Registered Office service with the Directors Service Address add on for £49.99 plus VAT a year.

However, if you’re likely to have more than just the official mail (ignoring junk mail as that will get binned saving you a job!), for example bank statements, letters from clients, cheques etc, then you’ll need the Virtual Business Office Plus for £199.99 plus VAT a year and when you first sign up you will need to add £20.00 credit for any mail they need to physically send you (If you don’t need your mail physically posted, they will refund any credit when you terminate their services)

We’re able to offer this service to all clients, who like us work from home/remotely and would rather not have their home address in the public domain!