The PPF Webinar Schedule

Woman and dog watching a webinar on a laptop

One of our values at PPF is excellence – we’re always learning and evolving, constantly refreshing our own knowledge bank with the latest info and best tech available to make life easier for our clients.

Back in July 2020 we launched our education program for our clients as part of our Live & Learn community, and we are now bringing this education program to the wider world – yay!  Let’s face it – being a business owner is hard!  You’re expected to know so much in addition to your actual craft/trade to ensure your business delivers on your goals.  So we hope our program will help you to understand all the other bits of your business.

These educational webinars will be on the second Tuesday of every other month and here is our upcoming schedule:

Tuesday 14th June 2022 10am – Leveraging Your Tech

More info coming soon!

Tuesday 9th August 2022 10am – Selling Your Value

More info coming soon!

Tuesday 11th October 2022 10am – Leadership Lessons

More info coming sooon!

Tuesday 13th December 2022 10am – 7 Ways to Grow

More info coming sooon!

More webinars and dates coming soon!