Leadership Lessons – A PPF Masterclass

PPF Masterclass: Leadership Lessons

Running a business and having a team means you are a leader, but leadership skills aren’t generally part of your training for your craft!  You learnt how to do your profession, not the rest of the things that go with running a business!

Many of us wing it on a daily basis – I know I did, trying to find your way of doing things, and making many mistakes along the way!  By all means I’m not an expert – but I’ve learnt a lot in my 8 and a half years running PPF, and I like to think I’m doing alright at being a leader!  And I’m still learning every day.

In this masterclass I will share some lessons and mindsets to help you inspire and engage your team, backed up by an essential self-assessment tool to drive your improvement.  They’re some of the skills I’ve learnt along the way, and I hope by sharing with you it will help you become a more confident leader – but also not make the same mistakes I did!

Join us on Tuesday 11th October at 10am for our free masterclass, Leadership Lessons, where you’ll: 

  • Identify potential roadblocks to becoming an effective leader
  • Discover the essentials for great leadership
  • Learn the five most important leadership mindsets
  • Identify effective processes and rhythms for better leadership
  • Understand how to assess your leadership skills

After attending this 45-minute masterclass, you’ll:

  • Overcome your roadblocks
  • Implement best practice leadership essentials
  • Master your mindset to inspire and engage your team
  • Implement practical ways to embed better leadership into your working day
  • Identify skill gaps and develop a plan to improve your leadership

We’re sure you’ll find this masterclass beneficial for your business, so get in quick and secure your place.  If you can’t join live please register to get your copy of the recording.

We’ll be running an in-depth Q & A session at the end of the session, so feel free to send us any questions ahead of the session or ask during.

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