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Taking on Your First Employee – Guest Blog from Joanna Hayes

Taking on Your First Employee Guest Blog from Joanna Hayes of Assured HR Fantastic, so your business has been successful and grown beyond your expectations and you are now in the exciting position to take the next step and recruit your first employee.  So what does this mean and how do you get it right […]

Who Is Your Ideal Client? Guest Blog from Jo Soley

Who is your ideal client? Guest blog from Jo Soley, Your Brilliant Business Angel Why does your business need an ideal client? As a marketing coach one of the first thing I ask my clients is ‘Who is your ideal client?’ and time after time I am shocked at the reply that I hear.  ‘Everyone!’ […]

All About Pensions – Guest Vlog by Julia Magnay

All About Pensions Guest Vlog from Julia Magnay of Compass Financial Management This month’s guest blog is a little different.  Julia has recorded a vlog all about pensions.  She will run through pensions available for those who are self employed and those who are directors of their own limited companies.   ~scripts~ For more information […]

Write Effective Website Copy – Guest Blog by Wendy Jennings

Write Effective Website Copy By Wendy Jennings, Wendy Jennings Creative Can’t afford to use a copywriter? In business, you can’t afford not to! There is a big misconception about using a copywriter’s services.  Cost is always an instant barrier, even before you’ve checked out the prices! It is assumed that it will automatically cost an arm, […]

Video Marketing for your Business – Guest Blog by Veena V

  Video Marketing for Businesses By Veena V Hi there. My name is Veena V, I’m an online entrepreneur, single Mum to an energetic 6 year old & I love helping businesses build their brand by getting them onto YouTube. So every social media expert is saying get on YouTube. Does your business really need […]

Stress Relief with doTERRA – Guest blog by Joanne Hunt

Stress Relief with doTERRA By Joanne Hunt The stress of daily life can sometimes become too overbearing and overwhelming. While, it is quite normal to feel anxious over a certain issue or situation, the effects of tension and anxiety on your mind and body can be really fearsome. It is no more an unknown that […]

The Mobile Question – Guest Blog by Lisa Smith

The mobile question – Do I need a mobile friendly website? A quick internet search for statistics on mobile surfing habits throws up some big numbers. For instance:- There are currently 4 billion mobile phones in use globally Over 1 billion of these are smart phones 50% of local searches are carried out on mobile […]