Your business is playing a part in supporting the Buddy Bag Foundation

Pink Pig Financials partnership with The Buddy Bag Foundation

Via the B1G1 initiative, we’ve committed to a cause close to our hearts – The Buddy Bag Foundation. By working with us, you get to share in the support for a fantastic organisation and make an impact in a child’s life. 

The Buddy Bag Foundation was set up in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home. By providing these children with a few essential items, the team and their many volunteers help make the transition into emergency care a little easier. The buddy bag provides comfort, when all else has been removed. 

Here’s a video for the full story

A cause that hits home

If you don’t know us well already, you’ll know from a quick tour of our website we’re a family-focused firm, and our CEO herself has been impacted by Domestic Abuse. Pink Pig exists to provide financial freedom for business owners running families too. Family is at the heart of who we are, and what we do – which is why this cause is so personal to us. 

The wonderful work the Buddy Bag Foundation does matches with the values we live, breathe and do business by. 

LIFESTYLE – Our whole business ethos revolves around families.  We have heart; we care and we’re with our clients every step of the way. We will celebrate wins and help nurture and grow our clients’ businesses.  We change people’s lives; it’s all about our people and their families.

See our values and what they mean. 

We’re a team made up of parents and we don’t shy away from talking about our lives as parents – there’s no way we could! Some of us have seen struggle in bringing our children through tough personal situations. Some of us have come from tough childhoods ourselves. 

Our CEO’s husband James went into care as a toddler and was given a bear just like the soft toys these children receive in their buddy bags. He still has it to this day, and even passed it onto his own children. These seemingly small acts of kindness and comfort can make a huge impact in a child’s life. We’re doing this for all the little James’s who need looking out for, because every child deserves to know they are loved and valued. 

The gift keeps on giving because it’s integrated with our services

Here’s how it all works:

  • Everytime we sign a new client = A buddy bag is donated
  • Everytime a client renews with us = A pair of pyjamas is donated
  • Everytime we file a set of accounts = A teddy bear is donated
  • Every client’s birthday = A book is donated 

If you’d like to make a further donation to The Buddy Bag Foundation and help children in emergency care then please choose an item or items to donate, thank you so much!



We’re not just donating items, we’re also donating our time

When we were choosing a charity to partner with we didn’t just want to donate money or items – we actually wanted to get involved too, and do something.  As you’ve read above The Buddy Bag Foundation gives bags to children, and twice a year people get together across the country in what are called Buddy Brigades to pack the bags.  Now the covid restrictions have eased we were finally able to take part in one of the brigades, so Cheryl, James, the kids have joined a few Buddy Brigades organised by the lovely Angela Gakis (our local lovely co-ordinator/Ambassador).  It was great to be involved, and to take the kids along to teach them more about helping others – if you’d like to get involved then please do drop us an email and we can introduce you to Angela 🙂

What's in a buddy bag?

Buddy Brigade Pics

We’re so pleased our business can contribute to making life a little easier for children in refuge – and we know you will be too. 

PS.  Donating to charities also helps to reduce your tax bill!  Sorry, we wouldn’t be accountants if we didn’t point this little fact out too.  Check out more in our blog: Can I make a charity donation from my limited company?