Whatever stage of business you’re in, you can achieve balance

Time saving accounting services dropped in when you need them

Life is made up of stages. We grow and mature as we move through them.

We’re used to thinking about the big picture in milestones. Where am I now?
What’s coming up? What will life look like in ten years time?

Let’s think about your business in stages too

You want to be able to enjoy the work you’re doing in the present, and have a plan for the future.

To do that, you need to know where you are right now, and what it’s going to take to reach the next milestone.

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Support that meets you where you are

Enjoy the work you’re doing in the present

Know the actions you need to take to get to your ideal lifestyle

Feel confident you’re being looked after

Spend money only on what you need, when you need it

First, a little housekeeping...

Your business blueprint

You can’t build your dream home without a blueprint. Your business is the same. You need direction and planning to show exactly how to achieve your grand design.


At this stage, it’s all about laying foundations – and you’re probably equal levels of excited and nervous. You’re fed up of building someone else’s empire, but where do you start with building your own? It can feel like a big risk to try and replace the income you’ve relied on during your years of employment. You’ve got some budget to get an awesome first logo design, get your first business cards, and then you see your first tax bill and the anxiety kicks in.

Find out how we help you enjoy this stage and make it to the next.


This stage is defined by new commitments. Taking on your first employee, moving into your first office. But with all these changes come with their own unique challenges – what do you need to do to start paying wages? What on earth do you need to know about employment law? What happens now you’re over the VAT threshold? The stress of covering your bills is behind you, now, as your business starts to expand, you need support to ensure you have control of it.

Find out how we help you enjoy this stage and make it to the next.


The sales are expanding, requiring an expansion of the team and workplace. As you stretch your business, you start to feel stretched too. But if you get the right people in the right seats (whether it be your in-house team or outsourced help) and you’re in control of your incomings and outgoings, you’ll be feeling more like a business owner and less like you’re just doing a job. You might also start reaping some of the rewards of your hard work – time for a holiday?

Find out how we help you enjoy this stage and make it to the next.


It has happened. You’ve achieved financial freedom, and more importantly, time freedom. You’re living whatever an ideal life means to you – more time with the kids, a 4 hour work week, space to invest in your dream hobby. You’ve achieved your big life goals – the house abroad, the move to the country, dream family holidays. Now is the time to fully invest in your future security and decide what comes ‘after’ – moving the business into its future, rather than working within it.

Make it to the next stage:

Have a set plan in place for your personal future – Talk to us about mortgage planning and pensions
Have a set plan in place for your business future – Talk to us about succession planning and selling the business.

Whatever stage you’re in, it’s important to know that there is always someone who has been in your position, and plenty who are experiencing it with you!

It takes a village to build a successful business.

Complete our blueprint questionnaire to get the support you deserve, whichever stage you’re in.