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Is co-working for me?

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Over the last few years, the way we work has seen a significant change. Working from home became the norm and as the world opened back up again, many haven’t wanted to return to their long daily commutes into an office. Renting a permanent office space solely for your own small business can be costly, and […]

Top 10 Tips for Working Abroad!

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As I sit here typing, I can literally see my tan vanishing from before my eyes … it’s sad, but I’m a big believer in life that we ‘blossom where we’re planted’, make the most of wherever we are and whatever situation we’re in. So, whilst I’m back in the UK, I am very happy […]

The Digital Nomad Visa – What is it?

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Hands up if you’d love to find a way to extend your vacation time, without the backlog of work and catching up to do when you come home? Is that everyone? – Yep, I thought so! Well, this might not be the solution for everybody, but for those in the right circumstances, let me introduce […]

Ellie’s Travel Adventure – We’ve headed to Panama!

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As the keen among you will have noticed, we were in Mexico for one week, but it was so action packed and I just loved it so much and had so much to say that it took me 3 whole blogs! But the week came and went, and we had to move on, but it […]

How do I go about hiring an employee?

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Hiring an employee, especially your first, can be quite daunting.  It feels like such a huge step, but a necessary one to help you to grow your business (and probably to stop you working such long hours!). If you’re feeling snowed under you may think that hiring quickly will be a solution to this – […]

Our Hiring Process

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Finding and hiring the right person for your roles can be challenging – having that confidence in knowing you’ve got the right person. I really do believe that CVs can cover up some huge red flags, or if you’re not the best at writing (and this is a trait of many accountants including myself) then […]

How do I choose an Accountant?

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How do I choose the right Accountant for my business? You’ve made the decision to hire an accountant, but how do you choose which accountant is best for you to use? There are many ways to find accountants – speak to your friends, peers, customers, and social networks and ask for recommendations.  This is a […]

Ellie’s Travel Adventure – Our Mexican adventure comes to an end!

Mexican adventure

Well everybody, if you want to know if it’s possible to fall in love with a country in 7 days – the answer is most definitely si! We had such an amazing time in Mexico that although this blog usually cover a week in one go, I’ve had to split it into 3! But, the […]