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Budget Update – 3rd March 2021

Today was the long awaited Spring Budget, and to be fair after the leaks there wasn’t much left to announce! It was full of extra measures for support during the pandemic giving comfort to many business owners, along with expected tax rises – although thankfully not just yet for the rises. Further Pandemic Support Furlough […]

What is the CIS scheme and what does it mean for me?

Today we’re going to talk about the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) scheme! (Quick note; if your business is not in any way involved in construction then you don’t need to read on. But you can – for fun!) Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Why does the construction industry have its very own little […]

New payment plan for Coronavirus VAT deferral

If you deferred your VAT payment last year (the one that was due between 20th March & 30th June 2020) HMRC have now released more details on the extended payment terms available. You will have the following choices on how to make payment: pay the deferred VAT in full, on or before 31 March 2021 […]

What is a VAT receipt and why do I need one?

If your business is VAT registered, you can claim back the VAT on any goods or services you purchase as a business expense. But, in order to reclaim this VAT, you do need to have a valid VAT receipt or invoice. We’ll refer to VAT invoice throughout this blog – but we’re talking receipts and […]

Getting paid quicker and upfront with iwocaPay

iwocaPay is a payment service for small businesses to improve cash flow. ​You as a seller get cash up front​ for your invoices while your customers get to choose to pay now (and pay very quickly and easily!) or spread the payment over 90 days. Once signed up you can connect to Xero, set up […]

Pre Year End Tax Planning Tips

Here are some pre year end tax planning tips to implement prior to year end to help reduce your corporation tax bill.  Hopefully you’re reading this around 2-3 months prior to your year end, to ensure plenty of time to put these tips into action (although some of these can be done last minute – […]

Invoice correctly and on time to help improve your cashflow

One of the most common causes of poor cashflow can be traced back to invoices – and more importantly – not invoicing on time and correctly! 3 ways to improve your invoices, and therefore cashflow are: Invoice as soon as possible when work done – this one really is key – once you’ve completed the […]

Creating your HMRC online account

Your HMRC online account gives you full visibility on all of your taxes – your balances, what’s due when, etc.  You will also need an account to authorise us as your agents for VAT (and potentially in the future other taxes too!).  It means you have full visibility on your taxes when you need it! […]

We are hiring! Could you be our next Client Account Manager?

Client Account Manager Working hours: Monday – Friday, 40 hours per week We are looking for the next superstar to join our team to look after a portfolio of our clients on a daily basis, and work closely with the rest of the team.  We’re looking for someone who goes above and beyond basic data […]

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