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What to expect when changing accountants

One problem we often come up against is the fact that prospective clients think it will be a nightmare with changing accountants – this is simply not the case. It’s not as difficult as some accountants make it out to be!  Infact, it’s a pretty simple process – just like changing your shoes! In an […]

Our Xero Training Services

Unless this is one of the first times you’ve come across PPF you’ll know that we are HUGE Xero fans!  There are huge time efficiencies with the automations, and being able to do things quicker and easier.  You’re able to get the cash owed to you in the bank quicker and have a good overview […]

The Three Freedoms Business Owners Strive For

When you started your business you would have had many goals and driving forces, and ultimately they’ll come down to one (or a combination) of three things.  We call these the three freedoms. Financial Freedom Time Freedom Mind Freedom And our job as your accountant is to help you achieve these three freedoms.  Our job […]

50 Reasons to work with PPF!

Are we the right accountant for you?  We’ve previously shared our blog 5 Reasons not to work with PPF – but we have many many more reasons to work with us! By looking around our website it’s pretty clear we’re not your ‘typical’ accountant – far from it!  But what makes us different?  And more […]

Uber must start charging VAT

It’s safe to say that since Uber launched in the UK in 2012 it has had a huge impact and changed the industry forever. The convenience of being able to hail a lift at the touch of a button, see the cost of the fare before booking and paying online so no cash needs to […]

Our Xero Conversion Services

There are so many benefits of moving your bookkeeping to Xero – why wait until HMRC make it mandatory for businesses?  But don’t let the thought of moving and how difficult it could be put you off – spoiler alert – with our Xero Conversion service it’s not as difficult as you think 🥳 Our […]

Making Tax Digital

The start of Making Tax Digital (or MTD for short) happened on the 1st of April 2019 and it’s the biggest shake up the UK tax system will have seen for many years. HMRC’s main goal of MTD is to make tax administration simpler, faster and more efficient when it comes to us managing our […]

Celebrating Small Wins!

Along the way to achieving our goals, there are always plenty of smaller achievements or wins but they often go unnoticed, unappreciated or viewed as unimportant to the bigger picture. However the key to reaching our big goals and keeping up the motivation to strive for them is recognizing and celebrating the small wins along […]

Why have my accounting fees changed?

The last time you raised your prices, did you worry about the response you’d get? Talking about money is always a little difficult, isn’t it? We love that we have personal relationships with our clients. We know a good deal about the ups and downs in your lives, and we’re there to celebrate the successes […]

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