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Can I employ my kids in my limited company?

Hands up if you hear “I’m booooooooooored” on repeat 24/7 from the kids during the school holidays?  It can be mutually beneficial for you and your children to get them involved in working for your limited company. Now, of course, we’re not talking about the little little ones. Cute as they are to have around, […]

Our Recommended Suppliers

We’re often asked for recommendations for various services or products. As we have a wide range of clients we’d love to recommend we thought we’d collate this all into a blog to share with the wider world! Our clients are amazing people so why wouldn’t we want to shout about how great they are?! So […]

Extended Furlough Support for Lockdown 2.0

Halloween has turned out to be a nightmare for many business owners with the announcement of a second national lockdown. The only saving grace is we’ve already lived through a national lockdown with little notice and no idea how to cope.  This time We have a few days notice and many businesses will be much […]

Why do I need to pay an accountant to set up my limited company when I could do it myself?

There are a few different options when it comes to setting up a limited company, the most common being: Your accountant sets it up for you You use an online formation company You set it up yourself with Companies House and HMRC When you have the option to do it yourself, you may be wondering […]

Job Support Scheme – Continued Help for Employers

*The Job Support Scheme has now been delayed due to the second national lockdown – the Furlough Scheme has been extended – check out the details in our extended furlough support blog* The Job Support Scheme was announced as part of the Winter Economy Plan on Thursday 24th September.  And then amended on Thursday 22nd […]

What is IR35 and does it apply to me?

From April 2021, it will be up to you, as a business owner, to determine whether IR35 applies to any contractor you hire. This can be a confusing rule, and can add extra stress to your (already busy) plate. So we want to make sure you understand what IR35 is and can handle the responsibility, […]

How to use a directors loan to take money out of your business

As the Director of a Limited Company, it is possible to owe your company money.  You’ll know that one of the benefits of being a limited company is that your business finances are entirely separate from your personal finances, so you’re protected from financial liability. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to take money out […]

I want to raise team morale and treat my staff – are presents for employees tax deductible?

Times are hard right now for employees. Everyone’s trying to make it through the fog and adapt as best as possible, while retaining some semblance of sanity!  Treating your staff can be a good way of raising morale through any hardship. A gift can show you’re thinking about an individual, or can help to bond […]

You don’t have to choose between your personal life and your business

Once more for the exhausted parents in the back… you do not need to choose between your personal life and your business.  As a firm of accountants who are mostly parents too, we know the struggle is real. You have goals for yourself as an individual, goals for your family life, and goals for your […]

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