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The rumours are true!

Pink Pig Financials are working with Sole Traders once again!

Here we’re just going to talk through;

  • Why we ever stopped?
  • Why we’ve started again?
  • The kind of clients we want to work with
  • And why you would want to work with us!

Why we ever stopped?

5 years ago, your average Sole Trader would turn up at their accountants’, probably some time the week before Christmas, with a shoe box full of receipts. Inevitably they would be screwed up, smudged, coffee stains, or just downright missing!

Then, said accountant would have to spend literally h o u r s going through each one, figuring out what it was for, how on earth it was a relevant business expense and compiling them into a spreadsheet … only for the Sole Trader to inevitably come back with another bag of bits they’re just ‘found’, a bunch of other questions because ‘’so-and-so down the pub said blah blah’’.

The accountant would work all over Christmas and New Year, have a horrific January in which they work 16 hours a day trying to get all the tax returns done before the deadline, and eventually realise that they’ve basically been working for a lot less than minimum wage during all this time.

So, you don’t blame us for dumping these Sole Traders, do you?


Why we’ve started again?

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and the world has irreversibly changed in the last few years.

There is now software available whereby keeping paper receipts is a thing of the past (recycle, people!!) And, delayed as it might be, HMRC’s ‘MTD for ITSA’ scheme IS coming, and we all need to be prepared. (This stands for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment, and means that Sole Traders will be required to submit kind of ‘mini tax returns’ each quarter, as well as their year end submission, and this all needs to be done through approved software)

And you know what, Sole Traders themselves have changed… which brings me on to point 3…


The kind of clients we want to work with

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the waters of self-employment, or you’re a multi-million CEO of multiple successful companies, we value the same core qualities in all of our clients.

  • Ambition,
  • Kindness,
  • Communication,
  • A desire to learn & understand their business,
  • Dream-chasing,
  • Collaborative working with their accountant,
  • Striving for excellence in their field.


Why you would want to work with us!

All of these qualities, you’ll notice, and pretty much our own core values too! Which is why you would want to work with us!

We’ve put together a collection of packages for Sole Traders at any stage in business – whether you’re taking those first steps, or you’re a seasoned runner in the game.

This isn’t just about filing a tax return.

We offer insight into your business with quarterly progress reports & tax estimations. We’ll teach you how to use the software to keep your finances under control, as well as to see what those numbers are telling you. We also run Growth Strategy sessions with our own seasoned business owner, CEO Cheryl, to identify your areas for growth, and those larger businesses will get business plans & Management Accounts Reports to help drive on to that next level.

Oh, and of course we’re there, at the end of an email or call, to help answer those questions & niggling doubts that crop up, to help business owners sleep easy, knowing they’re doing what they should be.

The reality is that the world of business & self-employment is a world away from what it was 5 years ago. Being self-employed has possibly never been so exciting, and never had so many benefits.

So if you’re looking for some support on your self-employed business journey, fill in our Quick Questionnaire to enquire with us.


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