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10 Hats of Business

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No doubt your business started with either an idea of a product or service that you could offer and setting up the business operations filled you with excitement for what was coming. As your business took off and grew you noticed that suddenly there was so much more involved than just providing that product or […]

Our new Monthly Reports Service

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Attention! This is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about a new service that we are excited to offer to all clients. You know that we are accountants who are about more than just dumping a figure on you at year end – what we love to most is seeing businesses grow and business owners thrive […]

How do I choose an Accountant?

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How do I choose the right Accountant for my business? You’ve made the decision to hire an accountant, but how do you choose which accountant is best for you to use? There are many ways to find accountants – speak to your friends, peers, customers, and social networks and ask for recommendations.  This is a […]

Our Credit Control Services

Stop chasing your tail and check out our credit control services!

You deserve to be paid on time for the work that you do, and goods you supply! It is so important that you get your hard earned cash in the bank.  But we get it – chasing for payment is not something that many people enjoy, especially when you’re busy and there are other pressing […]

Calculating your use of home as an office

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When it comes to year end, we ask you for the information for your use of home as an office. This is a business expense which we can include in your profit and loss and which will lower your profit thereby saving you tax. If you work from home at all, even if it is just […]

There are green matches on my bank feed – can I click them?!

There are green matches on my bank feed

We get it. We love seeing Xero do its job too! And the temptation of seeing a page full of little green boxes that are just begging to be ticked off can be just too great! Or, maybe you see something sitting there waiting to be reconciled, and you know exactly what it is, so […]

Can I make a charity donation from my limited company?

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The short answer is YES, you can make a charity donation from your limited company!  You will also reduce your corporation tax bill for certain donations – and there are more options than you think! So what can I donate to charity? Well I guess the most common, and simplest, donation is of course money […]

Increase to National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage for 22/23

National Minimum Wage Increase

Under the minimum wage legislation, workers must be paid at least the statutory minimum wage for their age. There are two types of minimum wage, the National Living Wage (NLW) and the National Minimum Wage (NMW). The NLW & NMW increase on April 1st each year. National Living Wage (NLW) The NLW is a higher […]

The Importance of Rest

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When you started your own business, you likely did it for one or a combination of the Three Freedoms business owners strive for. They are Financial, Time or Mind Freedom but we live in a world where we are constantly on the go, hustling 24/7 and we equate how busy we are with success and […]

The Money Confidence Programme: The What, The Who & The Why

Money Confidence Programme

Knowledge is power. You’ve heard the phrase before. So what type of power could a complete understanding of your business bring you? The power of quick, confident decision making? The power to start each day knowing exactly where you stand? The power to make more money, improve cash flow, and get that much closer to […]