Want to overcome your fear of the finances and get more money out of your business?

The money confidence course is for you

In this course we’re unlocking the power of your own finances. With 1:1 coaching, you’ll set clear goals and discover how to get the best financially from your business. This course isn’t about simply learning the theory.

We’re here to make real progress.

Pink ping - hiding from your bank balance?

Hiding from your bank balance?

You’re not alone. Even “proper”
business owners have money worries.

Feel sick when you open your bank app? Scared to open bills? Avoiding your accountant in the hopes you can hold them off until you’ve sorted some money issues?

Social media can make us believe everyone is quadrupling their income effortlessly. But being in sole control of your income is scary. You’re not the first business owner to feel anxious about your finances.

Many of the business owners we work with:


Didn’t grow up with a lot of money.


Are the first in their family to own a business.


Are supporting their family with their business.


Set their business up without any support.


Set up their business after becoming a parent, instead of going back into the workplace.


Started a business young.

If you run a business you are a proper business owner. You deserve to run a successful operation without fighting for scraps and earn the money you desire.

Money pink pig

Step into your money

confidence era

You have the guts, the grit and the goals to make this business work for you. All you need is a little guidance to get a handle on the finances so you can STOP worrying and START winning.

That’s where the money confidence course comes in.

The money confidence course is a 6 month mentoring programme designed to put you back in control of your business finances

Money Confidence Programme

You’ll attend 1-2-1 monthly meetings with the Pink Pig team where we’ll take you through our step by step process to money confidence.

We’ll look at:

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What success looks like

Your business and personals goals, and what success looks like for you
Money icon

How much does the business need to give you

What YOU need financially for your personal life, setting saving and spending goals
Target icon

Financial accountability

What your business needs to provide, setting business targets and budgets to help you reach them
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Know your numbers

Knowing your numbers and how to improve them to meet your targets

Once these foundations are in place we’ll work on 2 areas that are a priority for you and your business to reach your goals. We’ll deep dive into 2 areas from the list below that you’re least confident in and turn them around.

(Find out more about the sessions and what they entail on our YouTube Channel)


Cash flow management


KPI management




Ideal clients


Sales and payment processes


Expense reduction




Core values

What else do you get?

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We’ll teach you how to customise, format and review your reports so decision making is quicker, easier and less stressful

Pink pig idea icon

Access to independent financial advice and phone support. A team of accountants, systems, products and services all working towards your goal.

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We’ll keep you accountable with check-ins and an actionable lists of steps to take between meetings

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We’re building a collective of financially confident women

We’re building a collective of financially confident women

Only the cost holding you back?

The Money Confidence course isn’t like other generic online courses. Your sessions are 1:1,  tailored to you and the outcomes you want to achieve. It’s designed to transform money scarcity into achievable money abundance. We want this transformation to be available to everyone, which is why we offer a split payment option.

You can pay in one lump sum, or if you’re a limited company you can set up a 3 or 12 month payment plan to spread the cost and ease your cash flow. When you hit sign up now you’ll be taken to a page with payment options. 

Any other questions? Check out our FAQs!