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Calculating your use of home as an office

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When it comes to year end, we ask you for the information for your use of home as an office. This is a business expense which we can include in your profit and loss and which will lower your profit thereby saving you tax. If you work from home at all, even if it is just […]

How do I recharge expenses to clients?

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The best kind of clients are the ones that pay for our nice hotel and cheeky McDonald’s breakfast, right? We would never take the mick, but there are times where it is appropriate, and agreed with the client beforehand, that our expenses incurred will be recharged to them, along with the cost of our services. […]

How much money can I take out of my business?

how much money can I take out

Just because it’s there – doesn’t mean it’s yours! You bring in the sales,  you have money in the bank,  why can’t you take it?  One of the biggest rookie mistakes is thinking sales equals profits.  Profit is what is left after ALL the expenses are deducted, including any tax due.  There are two types […]