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Veena V


Video Marketing for Businesses

By Veena V

Hi there. My name is Veena V, I’m an online entrepreneur, single Mum to an energetic 6 year old & I love helping businesses build their brand by getting them onto YouTube.

So every social media expert is saying get on YouTube. Does your business really need to start video marketing?

YES IT DOES! Watch my video below giving you 3 reasons why you 100% need to make at least one YouTube video.




3 reasons why your business needs to be on YouTube

1) Another Opportunity to market yourself

You’re on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Why aren’t you on YouTube?

Making a video is an extremely powerful way to market yourself and your business and you should treat YouTube like any other social media network.

2) Customers more likely to buy from you

If you have a video on your homepage 72% of people are more likely to buy from you. By customers seeing your business it will instantly give them reassurance that you are real company.

Also video gives you the opportunity to really go indepth with explaining your product or service, it allows customers to actually see all the benefits before they buy.

3) Build relationships quickly

Video marketing is effective. There’s only so much text and an image can do. By letting customers into your business, giving them useful tips, sharing information about your industry you are creating a solid relationship and showing you are an expert in your field.

When I meet people the first thing they say to me is ‘I feel like I know you’ that’s because they have watched my YouTube videos. Let’s make this happen for your business too.

Remember if you want to do something in your life just do it! Take action today. You deserve to be successful.

So are you ready to get your business on YouTube? First off you’re going to need a tripod. I use the YT Club Tripod to film on my phone and it’s perfect for any small business who wants to start making professional videos.

To get you started I have a special 10% off for you – Simply go to and at the checkout put in the promo code CHERYL02

I really hope you make your first video. You don’t need to buy fancy equipment; you can simply record videos on your phone or computer. I look forward to seeing what you film, good luck!

Veena V, Founder of Mum to Millionaire & YT Club


I was a guest on Veena’s podcast for Mum to Millionaire last year, read all about it, and listen to the podcast, here.  


(PS. Veena has some other great podcasts on her site, well worth a listen)