The App Partners we met at XeroCon

Receipt Bank

At PPF we love Receipt Bank, and I was so honoured to be invited to join then on their yacht VIP experience as part of the PreCon events.  Receipt Bank is a great app that we supply to all of our limited companies so they can take pictures of their receipts and forward email ones on to the app.  We are then able to import the information and a picture of the receipt into Xero to complete our bookkeeping.  The picture is attached to the transaction so easily accessible when required – and no need to keep the original.  No more shoe boxes of receipts yay!


CHA with Chaser Team at XeroCon

I’ve known of Chaser for a while, but it was great to meet David Tuck, the founder, and his team at XeroCon and get to  know more of what they do.  They provide a service where your sales invoices are chased automatically by email, to help you get paid.  We loved the look of this and signed up there and then for a free trial.  We will be giving this a go in house and if we like what we see we will be offering this to our clients as a service – watch this space!


GoCardless Logo

GoCardless is another app we use in-house to collect our fee payments by direct debit.  I love GoCardless and find it really easy to use – and their fees are really low too at just 1% of the payment collected (20p minimum to £2 maximum).  We recommend this to many of our clients, and it’s a great way of getting paid easily.  They don’t have to be monthly payments, they can be one off or annual payments too – and the Xero integration has gone from strength to strength.  I will be completing my certification with GoCardless in early December as part of their new accountants program, and I am looking forward to helping more people get paid easier.  It was lovely to see the team again.


CHA with Futrli

We have recently partnered up with Futrli to provide a reporting, forecasting and budgeting service to our clients.  It was great to meet with the team who have been training us and getting us all set up so we can launch this service and help our clients to further achieve their goals.  We are looking to launch this service in the next couple of weeks, so get in touch to find out more 🙂


Float Logo

It was great to meet the team from Float – who are a cashflow forecasting app.  I am looking forward to finding out more about Float as I believe this will be a great service for clients who need some cashflow forecasting, but not the full functionality we will be providing with our main Forecasting & Budgeting service.  I have signed up for a trial to see how they can help and will feed back my thoughts soon!


CHA with MileIQ team

Mile IQ were a new app to me, and I was very impressed.  They are an app to record your business mileage and as my friend Zoe said – they’re just like Tinder – swipe left for a personal trip and right for a business trip!!  Now this sounds like fun.  The app captures every mile you drive, no starts or stops required, and it sends all your business trips through to Xero.  Another app I’ve signed up for a trial so I can give it ago and report back my thoughts 🙂  And the team were lovely too!


CHA with Pleo Team

I can’t lie, we were enticed over to the Pleo stand by the pink socks they were giving out haha!  I had seen Pleo on social for a while and this was a great excuse to go and find out more (and get some pink socks!).  Speaking to their team we discovered they are an expenses management app.  In a nutshell you load up a prepaid Mastercard and then give to your staff to pay for their expenses.  The transactions feed into Xero for you to reconcile, and the handy app also sends a notification to the employees phone to remind them to take a picture of the receipt!  No more expense claims – sounds great.  We will be using this ourselves going forward, and I can’t wait to get started!  Plus, their branding matches ours – PINK – what’s not to love? Tongue out


CHA with Tide

We’ve been working with Tide with one of our clients for a little while now, and after a few teething problems, and their new bank feed I am a fan.  They claim to be the current account that saves business owners time – something that I am a huge advocate of.  You can sign up and receive your soft code and account number in 5 minutes!  It’s all done online and is really simple.  With easy bank payments for suppliers and low fees I can see Tide going from strength to strength.  We have signed up as Tide Partners so we can learn more about the bank and their features so we can help more of our clients, and potential clients, with their banking.  I am really looking forward to working with the guys at Tide.


Square logo

Square allows you to get paid by debit and credit card – you can accept chip and PIN, contactless and mobile payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay, or by keying in the details for over the phone payments.  With a range of point of sale tools too taking payments has never been so easy.  You can set up your account in minutes and start collecting payments straight away – and if you sign up through us the lovely guys at Square have given us a special offer, just for our clients.

If you’d like to know more about any of the apps that we’ve included above and to see how they will help your business then please drop us an email on