Chasing for payment during the Coronavirus pandemic

Just because we’re in strange times, and many businesses are on pause it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep chasing payment of your outstanding invoices, you just need to do it in a sensitive way.

Credit control is an import part in maintaining a healthy cashflow, and we need this more than ever right now to keep our businesses going.  You need your customers to keep paying you, so you can pay your suppliers, and they can pay theirs!  Basically we need to keep the money moving, and therefore the economy!  

We work along side Chaser for our Virtual Credit Control service, so it was a no brainer to ask Alex to join us on one of our weekly client check in’s to talk all things credit control, and their great service they are offering free of charge to help businesses get paid.




You can read David Tuck’s blog here with loads of helpful tips and advice.

Here are some templates you can use to chase payment of your invoice.

And finally, here is all the information, and how to sign up, for Chaser’s Cashflow Recovery Initiative.