Our Xero Conversion Services

Xero Conversion Service

There are so many benefits of moving your bookkeeping to Xero – why wait until HMRC make it mandatory for businesses?  But don’t let the thought of moving and how difficult it could be put you off – spoiler alert – with our Xero Conversion service it’s not as difficult as you think 🥳

Our Xero Conversion Service will help you move from your current system to Xero smoothly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about a thing – yay!

Xero conversion from Kashflow, Sage & Quickbooks

We convert existing Kashflow and most Sage and Quickbook versions using a service from Move My Books.  This will literally do as it says on the tin – convert your existing data into Xero!  It will convert your chart of accounts, customer data, supplier data and individual transactions from the source software into Xero.

Xero will pay the cost of Move My Book’s service for the current and previous financial years, and if you want to convert more data than that there is an additional charge per year.

Now, the bulk of the work will be done via the conversion – but as with all things computer related there is still some human intervention required to finish off the job – which is where we come in.

We will manage the conversion from start to finish with Move My Books, and then do all the post conversion checks and tidy ups, and ensure you are all ready to get moving onwards with Xero.  And even better – mostly this can be done in less than a few days, meaning little downtime, and very little stress for you – double yay!

How it works

Before we start the conversion all the bookkeeping and reconciliations to date need to be completed.  It’s best to choose either a quarter end or year end as the cut off date for the conversion, but the beauty of this service is we can actually do this at any point in the year – it may just be a bit more work ensuring all is correct.

We will then need a few pre-conversion reports (Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Debtors and Credits), and if you’re VAT registered then your previous VAT return must be filed and a full reconciliation completed.  Xero cannot pick up late claims on the first post conversion VAT return, so it’s vital we know what has and hasn’t been included on a claim, to ensure we don’t miss anything.

Once we have everything we need we will then initiate the conversion with Move My Books, and ensure it all runs smoothly.  Your Chart of Accounts, Supplier Data, Customer Data and Individual Transactions will all be moved across into a new Xero Subscription.

Once we’re notified the conversion is complete we will then carry out all the post conversion checks.  We will re run the reports we did pre converion on Xero and ensure they match (ensuring everything has moved accross to the correct places), we will set up your VAT and complete a reconciliation so everything is ready for your first Xero VAT return.  We will tidy up the bank and reconcile any transactions that couldn’t be done as part of the conversion, we will tidy up your suppliers and customers, and also check the Chart Of Accounts – again to ensure it’s all in the correct places and formats.

At this point we’ll also look to get the bank feeds set up and ensure bank balances match.  We’ll need to disconnect any apps you’re currently using and then re-connect to Xero and set anything up that’s required.

We can also set up payment services and update your Chart of Accounts so you get the information you need out of your accounts.

Xero conversion from other softwares/paper system or Excel

We can also convert your existing records from other softwares, Excel or even paper based systems.

These conversions are a little more complicated and there is no set process as the scope for the conversion is much wider.  

However we still recommend converting at the end of VAT quarter or year end as the ideal time to convert – not that we can’t do it at any other time – there would just be more work involved and will take a bit longer depending on what needs to be done.

We’d be able to confirm the process and what is involved once we’ve been able to scope the work required for your conversion.  It could be that we decide we will take your previous year end figures and go back to the start of your current financial year, import bank statements and complete bookkeeping from then.  We will discuss all options with you once we understand your current position and together we will choose the right conversion for you and your business.

We will still always ensure that at the end of the process your bank feed is connected, bank balances match and everything is set up as you require Xero to be to get going!

Ready to start your conversion to Xero?

If you’re ready to start your conversion or want to discuss things through a little more please head over to our Get Started page, fill in the questionnaire and book your discovery call with us.  We look forward to getting you all set up on Xero – I promise you – you will wish you’d done it sooner!