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There are green matches on my bank feed – can I click them?!

There are green matches on my bank feed

We get it. We love seeing Xero do its job too! And the temptation of seeing a page full of little green boxes that are just begging to be ticked off can be just too great! Or, maybe you see something sitting there waiting to be reconciled, and you know exactly what it is, so […]

Our Xero Training Services

Cheryl delivering Xero Training

Unless this is one of the first times you’ve come across PPF you’ll know that we are HUGE Xero fans!  There are huge time efficiencies with the automations, and being able to do things quicker and easier.  You’re able to get the cash owed to you in the bank quicker and have a good overview […]

50 Reasons to work with PPF!

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Are we the right accountant for you?  We’ve previously shared our blog 5 Reasons not to work with PPF – but we have many many more reasons to work with us! By looking around our website it’s pretty clear we’re not your ‘typical’ accountant – far from it!  But what makes us different?  And more […]

Our Xero Conversion Services

Xero Conversion Service

There are so many benefits of moving your bookkeeping to Xero – why wait until HMRC make it mandatory for businesses?  But don’t let the thought of moving and how difficult it could be put you off – spoiler alert – with our Xero Conversion service it’s not as difficult as you think 🥳 Our […]

Ramp Up Your Business with Xero!

Ramp up your business with Xero

Nobody goes into business with the intention of doing paperwork. Long days are made even longer by manual data entry, chasing up receipts, reconciling bank accounts, and following up customers for payment. How much time would you save if all of this was automated? We’ve seen first-hand how Xero has helped business owners free up […]

Why do we lock Xero?

Why do we lock Xero?

We lock Xero at year end as a business’ year end is a snapshot in time which shows how the business has performed over the last financial year. The year end accounts are also then used to prepare the tax return and to calculate the business’ tax liability. Once we have completed all the year […]

5 reasons not to work with PPF

Are we the right accountancy firm for you? Most people would give you reasons on why you should choose an accountant – but we’re not most people, so here are some reasons why you shouldn’t work with us! Reason 1 – You’re not a limited company (or looking to become one) We only work with owners […]