Our Funding Services – In Partnership with Swoop Funding

Our Funding Services

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Swoop. This partnership allows us to expand our advisory services by providing you with the best options across the full funding suite.

Since its launch in May 2018, Swoop has helped thousands of businesses find millions of pounds in funding. Swoop gives every customer access to the best deals on the market from finance solutions to money-saving deals on banking and FX. 

By partnering with Swoop, we can provide you with the solutions to grow your business by combining our unique knowledge of your accounts with the accessibility of Swoop’s funding solutions across grants, loans, savings, and equity.

With us and Swoop finding funding is straightforward and hassle free.

Swoop Funding Partnership

So how can we help?

The process couldn’t be more simple – start by having a chat with us about your growth plans and goals for your coming year.  We will initiate this conversation each year with our clients at your annual review, but if things change during the year, or you have one of those lightbulb ideas and need to chat it through to see if it could become reality then let us know and we’ll set up a call!

We’ll take into account your situation and requirements, and upload all the details to our portal.  You’ll then be matched with potential funding options, and we can then look at them all and see which one suits you best.

These options will be in the form of:

  • Loans now covers a huge range of innovative products from standard unsecured loans to commercial mortgages, invoice finance, eCommerce finance and VAT loans.
  • Grants are available through funding bodies and are often a good option for growing and innovative businesses.  Although they take time to apply for, they may be more accessible than you think!
  • Equity is for high growth businesses which have an expansion plan or for founders who wish to avoid loan payments and are willing to give up a stake in their business.  Ensuring that your business is investment ready is crucial for success.

Funding for every stage of business

Introduction to Funding Masterclass

Our CEO Cheryl was recently joined by Ciaran Burke, one of the Founders of Swoop Funding for a Masterclass where they chatted through:

  • Funding options for Start Ups
  • Funding options for those looking to buy equipment and vehicles
  • Funding options for those who need some working capital to grow, cashflow during large projects and just generally to give a hand during tough times
  • Top tips to prepare for funding
  • Why not all debt is bad – spoiler alert – it’s a great tool to help your business grow!

Check out the recording below!

We can also help with savings on your business energy bills

There’s no denying that this is something on everyones mind at the moment.  So if you have a separate business premises (ie not your home!) we’re able to look at opportunities for you to switch to a better energy tariff, or other ways to protect cashflow.

If you are in the last 6 months of your contract we can review your energy bills to see if there are savings to be made.

You should also ensure that you’re paying VAT at the correct rate. For some businesses, this is 5% rather than 20%, and the difference this makes to your cash flow could be a game changer.


Read more on reducing business energy bills here!

How do we start?

If you are interested in knowing more, or have a funding requirement please get in touch with us by popping over to our Get Started page to complete the quick questionnaire and book a discovery call with us today!