Power Hours with PPF

Power Hours with PPF

Do you have accounting questions but not quite ready to sign up with an accountant?  Are you looking to start a new business but not sure where to start? Ever wanted the opportunity to pick our brains?  Then our power hour could be just the thing for you!

We get it, you have questions, but you’re not quite ready to sign up with an accountant.  So that’s why we are offering our power hours to help you get unstuck, ask your questions and generally feel more confident in what you need to do.

We will meet over Google Meet for one hour

During this time we will:

  1. Go through your current situation
  2. Answer your questions
  3. Ensure you feel confident moving forward with what you need to do!

The technical stuff:

  • We will need to send you some pre-work to complete ahead of the meeting.  This will enable us to prep accordingly, and maximise the value from the time we spend together.
  • We will need to run some AML (anti money laundering) checks ahead of the meeting, so we will need you to upload some ID on booking (1 x photo and 1 x address ID).  Sorry to be a bore, but it’s part of a licence conditions that we do this before we work with any client!

The Price? £199 plus VAT

Sounds like this is just what you need?  If you’ve heard enough and want to get booking then hit the button below to book your session.


Want to know a bit more?  That’s ok, we’re happy to talk through any questions you have.  Please drop us an email on hello@pinkpigfinancials.co.uk and we will answer all your questions as soon as we can!

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you to move your business forward.