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Automate payments with GoCardless for Xero

At PPF we absolutely love GoCardless and the ease at which it collects payments for our invoices.  We simply set up our recurring invoices (or send out the one off ones), then GoCardless automatically collects payment, reconciles the invoice as paid, and even deals with the fees! This video takes you through the set up […]

5 Tips On Scaling Your Business

scaling business

The foundations are in place, you have a good client base, maybe you have a team you work with, maybe you have a premises.  Now you are ready to take your business to the next stage, and to start feeling like a real business owner, rather than having a job.  It’s time to start reaping […]

Build Stage

Build a successful businessA central hub for business owners in the build phase who are looking to take things to the next level You’ve made it through your first couple of years - congratulations! Getting started in business can feel like a big risk, and you’ve had some initial challenges to overcome - all the [...]

4 Things to think about as you build your business

4 Things to think about as you build your business blog

You’ve made it through your first year, you’ve made some money, overcome a few challenges and are settling into actually being a business owner.  But now what? You’re now in the build phase of your business.  It could be you’re working towards your next goal, you may be taking on your first employee, or looking […]

Invoice correctly and on time to help improve your cashflow

Improve your invoices to improve your cashflow

One of the most common causes of poor cashflow can be traced back to invoices – and more importantly – not invoicing on time and correctly! 3 ways to improve your invoices, and therefore cashflow are: Invoice as soon as possible when work done – this one really is key – once you’ve completed the […]

Online Accounting

We LOVE XeroThrive OnlineOnline accounting that works for youAt Pink Pig Financials we work exclusively with Xero, giving you more time to do the things you love.Want to Know More? Why we love XeroThere are many reasons why we love Xero and choose to partner exclusively with them, but if we had to pick up [...]