A new way to collect one-off payments from Xero invoices

Instand Bank Pay

We’re excited to introduce Instant Bank Pay, a new payment method by GoCardless. You may have already used GoCardless to collect Direct Debit payments. Now, you can use them to collect instant, one-off payments too.

Find out how it works - watch this short video!

How Instant Bank Pay works

  1. Create an invoice in Xero as you normally would.
  2. Under ‘Online payments’ select ‘Bank payments’ and then choose how you would like the customer to pay. For a one-off payment select ‘One time instant bank pay powered by GoCardless’ then click ‘Done’. Once your GoCardless account has been set up, a ‘Pay now’ button will be added to the invoice.
  3. On the Xero invoice, the customer clicks on ‘Pay now’ and chooses to make a one-off instant payment. They will then be prompted to connect with their online banking portal or mobile banking app.
  4. All the transaction details are then pre-populated. Your customer just needs to click to approve, and payment confirmation is instant.

Check out the detailed step by step guidance on Xero Central.

It’s quicker and easier than a manual bank transfer. Plus, your clients can also set up a Direct Debit at the same time if they wish to collect future payments automatically. Try it – we think you will love it!

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