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At PPF We’re Life Centred Accountants – But what does that mean?

Life Centred Accountant

At PPF we’re committed to helping our clients reach their goals – not just keep the tax man happy.  Which is why it was a no brainer for us to become a founding member of Life Centred Accountants, a group of like minded accountants whose focus is ensuring our clients businesses deliver on their goals. […]

Be proud of your profitable and thriving business (and those growing tax bills!)

Be proud of your growing business, being profitable and thriving

Your business reaching the VAT threshold is a good thing for your clients (even when you raise your prices) A subscription box supplier I use personally recently emailed out to say they’ve had to register for VAT and therefore need to put their prices up.  As a small business, this can be a scary step […]

Undercharging could be the root cause of your biggest business problems

stop undercharging - you are worth it!

Far too often, we see service businesses undercharging. Though it may not feel like it, going cheap (for whatever reason) and undercharging for the value you provide is often the root cause of a lot of other problems in the business. Let’s dig into why. Let’s say your prices are cheap and you win a […]

Your business is playing a part in supporting the Buddy Bag Foundation

Pink Pig Financials partnership with The Buddy Bag Foundation

Via the B1G1 initiative, we’ve committed to a cause close to our hearts – The Buddy Bag Foundation. By working with us, you get to share in the support for a fantastic organisation and make an impact in a child’s life.  The Buddy Bag Foundation was set up in response to the rising number of […]

You don’t have to choose between your personal life and your business

Birthday cakes or books?

Once more for the exhausted parents in the back… you do not need to choose between your personal life and your business.  As a firm of accountants who are mostly parents too, we know the struggle is real. You have goals for yourself as an individual, goals for your family life, and goals for your […]

We do more than just keep the tax man happy!

We’re not merely accountants – we do more than just keeping the tax man happy! Traditional accountants will focus on keeping the tax man happy, but we’re here to partner with our clients and make a real difference.  We want you to spend less time doing boring accounts stuff and more time doing the things […]