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Our work from home/remote working tips

We’ve learnt A LOT since we’ve gone remote, so with more and more people forced to work from home I thought I’d share a few things we’ve learnt over the last few months to help any businesses that will need to make, or recently made, the switch to remote/home working: Telephones – we’ve switched to […]

We don’t do Quickbooks, Sage or Sole Trader Tax returns

We’re really thrilled that you’re interested in working with us. We always want to make sure that we’re the right match for you, and you’re the right match for us. To help us all make that decision fast, here’s a couple of things we don’t do: We don’t work with Quickbooks or Sage We don’t […]

Looking to work with PPF – Proposal FAQ

Questions about working with PPF - here are our FAQs

Looking to work with PPF but got some questions?  We have you covered – here are our FAQs.  If your question isn’t here, please do drop us an email to ask – FAQ. When will you contact my current/outgoing accountant – I don’t want to **** them off! A. We will not contact them […]

How we’re living the Pink Pig values by moving out of the office!

After many month’s planning, hours preparing, and cups of coffee consumed, it is official – we’re moving off the farm. Although we won’t miss the visits from spiders, we’re sad to be leaving some great people (and animals) behind as we make a big move, both geographically and strategically, in our business. We all want […]

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5 reasons not to work with PPF

Are we the right accountancy firm for you? Most people would give you reasons on why you should choose an accountant – but we’re not most people, so here are some reasons why you shouldn’t work with us! Reason 1 – You’re not a limited company (or looking to become one) We only work with owners […]

“My mate down the pub said….”

I saw on Facebook; my mate down the pub said; on Google; my dad said; and so on – we hear these all the time. Here we explain why these statements rarely lead to sound advice!! Myth 1.  Flat rate VAT earns more money! Well, this used to be true, however HMRC cottoned on to the fact […]