Breakground on a new business

A central hub for the new entrepreneur. Everything you need to know about starting a successful new business.

There are plenty of reasons people go into business – most of them revolve around a lifestyle dream.

Maybe you want your work life to facilitate more time with the kids.
Maybe the kids are going back to school now and you want to go back to work you feel excited about.
You might be looking to set up something alongside your current employment for an additional income.
Maybe you’ve just decided to bite the bullet and do it for yourself because you’re done making someone else’s dreams come true!

Whatever the motivation, we’re here to help you set off on the right foot.


Get set up and get on the good side of HMRC

There are many aspects of running a business you may not be familiar with, that quite frankly have nothing to do with actually making money – but you still need to do them. What do you need to do to be official and legal?


Start building your financial knowledge

Despite legitimately setting yourself up as a business, it may take a while to start feeling like a business owner. You wouldn’t be the first person to start out with a bit of imposter syndrome.

Now you’re a director, we want to help you start thinking and feeling (and getting paid) like one! And being a director involves understanding the financial side of your business.

Ready to take control of your financial situation?

Our Money Confidence Programme is designed to bring you the knowledge and power you’ve been looking for.

Open to all business owners at any stage, to help you develop an understanding of your key financial reports and make the best informed decisions for your business and family.

Start as you mean to go on: prioritise your freedom

Remember: there was a reason you decided to go out on your own.

Despite what you might have seen and heard, starting a business doesn’t have to be a hustle-till-you-burn-out struggle. You can have a thriving business and have the freedom to spend time with your family.

We believe in talking about your ideal lifestyle from day one.

And your accounting must revolve around the milestones in your life.