Money Confidence Programme FAQs

The Money COnfidence Course FAQs

Here are our FAQs on our Money Confidence Course.  We hope these answer your questions – but if not please do reach out to us on and ask.

What is Money Confidence?

We’ve written a whole blog on this – read (or watch the video) here!

Do I need to be set up on software? 

No! But we will recommend setting yourself up so you have full and regular visibility on your financials. 

Do I need to use Xero? 

No! Xero is our software of choice, but as long as you know how to run reports and find the relevant information within your platform you’re good to go.

Can this be used as a business expense? 

Yes, as a coaching/mentoring programme this is tax deductible.

Do I already need to be running a business to sign up? 

No!  Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, the sessions will help move you forward.  Just bring your idea and we’ll give you the tools to get started.

When does the programme start?

In January 2024 – you’ll receive an email with a link to book in your initial session, then you’ll book in each session as you go.

Is there a payment plan?

If you’re a limited company we’re able to offer 3 or 12 month plans via iwocaPay. This option isn’t available for Sole Traders, but please reach out if you’re unable to make payment in one go and we’ll chat.

Are there any bonuses?

We have two bonuses:

  1. We’re including a Money Mindset Masterclass from Cheryl’s own coach Shelley Bosworth.  In Shelley’s own words: Hows your money mindset? What is money mindset?Your relationship with your finances goes deeper than your business performance and understanding your money mindset can unlock even more financial success for you so here we’ll help you understand your money story & beliefs and how they may be helping or could be hindering your financial success.  The live masterclass will take place in January 2024.
  2. Fast Action Bonus: If you sign up by midnight 14th December 2023 and pay in full you’ll get a free Strategy Growth Session with Cheryl worth £499 plus VAT.

How much time does it take?

The sessions are an hour long, and you will have pre-work before each – varying from gathering ideas or info, to on demand masterclasses to watch.  So allow 1-2 hours before each session to do the pre-work and prepare.  And then as much time as you want to allocate to put things into practice!

I have more questions!

No need to panic – the PPF team are here to help – just drop us an email on and we’ll answer away 🙂

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