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What does my tax code mean?

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Getting paid is lovely isn’t it? And of course it’s good practice to check your payslip, to see that everything is correct etc. I know you’ll be fully on it, checking if your hours are correct, the pay rate is right, that your pension contribution has gone through … But are you quite so clued […]

Can I pay my personal tax bill through my limited company?

Can I pay my personal tax bill through my limited company?

We often get asked this question, and the official answer is you should either save up personal funds to pay your tax bill, or withdraw the funds from your business as a dividend.  Then pay your tax bill to HMRC from your personal account. However, we do know in reality this is a bit of […]

Why do PPF do Annual Client Reviews?

Annual Review

18 months ago, what did the word ‘Zoom’ mean to you? Whatever it was, it most likely wasn’t ‘’spending vast amounts of my time staring at my own face and hoping I’m muted whilst the rest of my family has a row’’… You’ve had the email from our Madison, inviting you to schedule your ‘Annual […]

How much money can I take out of my business?

how much money can I take out

Just because it’s there – doesn’t mean it’s yours! You bring in the sales,  you have money in the bank,  why can’t you take it?  One of the biggest rookie mistakes is thinking sales equals profits.  Profit is what is left after ALL the expenses are deducted, including any tax due.  There are two types […]

Can I put my golf membership through my business?

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After overhearing a group of lads discussing whether or not they could put their golf membership through their business (while I was sunning myself with a book at my son’s golf lesson the weekend) I thought this would make a great video and blog – so here it is!! Personal Golf Membership Let’s start with […]