Why do PPF do Annual Client Reviews?

Annual Review

18 months ago, what did the word ‘Zoom’ mean to you? Whatever it was, it most likely wasn’t ‘’spending vast amounts of my time staring at my own face and hoping I’m muted whilst the rest of my family has a row’’…

You’ve had the email from our Madison, inviting you to schedule your ‘Annual Review’. 

Is another Zoom meeting really necessary?!

We believe that these annual reviews are hugely beneficial, to both us and you, and that it’s definitely worth taking the time to dress your top half(!) if you can!

Here’s why;

  1. There are 2 types of accountants – those who are all about the ‘compliance’ (getting all the bits done that the government requires), and those who are also invested in seeing their clients grow and achieve their goals.  You won’t be surprised to hear that we strive to be the latter (although we promise we do get the legal bits done too!), and so having a chat and a catch up with you, and forming something a bit less formal than your average client-accountant relationship is very important to us. The very heart of the business, driven by Cheryl, is to fill the gap in the market for an accountant who is interested and invested in your lifestyle, your family, your work-life balance, and helping you to get to where you want to be, not just to sell our services.
  2. You will have received some pre-meeting questions, and whilst you may know those answers, please do let us in on it too! Many people who are in business do not simply having ‘making money’ as their top priority. It’s nice, of course, but we find that many who have struck out on their own have done so because they needed a more flexible work schedule, because they wanted to leave something for the kids, because they knew they could be a better boss than anyone else…! If we know things such as who you’re doing this for, where you’d like to be with the business in 5 years’ time, what your end goal is, what you want more free time to do … we can have those goals in mind too as we work for you. We can help you work out a personal budget, a cash flow system for the business, see when and where it would be good to invest in the business, when to step back and let it tick over for a while … We are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ operation, and the more we know, the more comfortably we can tailor to you.
  3. The pandemic has meant that some of you haven’t met the new members of the team who are looking after your books, or you may have joined us during the past year and not met anyone! If you have questions about your figures, your VAT bill, your tax return … let’s schedule another call for that. The annual review meeting is where we get to know one another, and where your business goes from being a name on a list to a vision that we are invested in too!

So, please, don’t roll your eyes at the thought of another Zoom call, but come with an open mind. Whilst a meeting that’s more of a ‘chat’ than anything else may not seem like a valuable use of your time, we can assure you that it is! Once we know your goals, we can strive toward them with you.  Plus as we aim to do these around a month or so before your year end we will also be looking at ways to reduce your Corporation Tax return (check out more on Year End Tax Planning Tips), so it’s a win win!

We look forward to talking with you soon…!

(PS, keep your eyes peeled for a future blog that will give you tips on how to conduct and get the most out of review meetings with your own clients!)