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PPF Masterclass: Selling Your Value

Selling Your Value Masterclass

We’ve all encountered a salesperson who pressured us to buy something we didn’t need, damaging our trust and brand perception. And to be fair – this is what makes me dread ‘selling’!  I would hate to be that person. At our free masterclass, we’re bringing a different approach.  You’ll learn powerful sales techniques that will […]

PPF Masterclass: Leveraging Your Technology

Leveraging Your Technology Masterclass

HMRC are currently working on a number of projects forcing business owners to submit their taxes digitally through software.  At PPF we are big believers that this is a good thing – technology will help your business in so many ways!! Leveraging technology is the easiest way for businesses to streamline their processes, increase their […]

Ramp Up Your Business with Xero!

Ramp up your business with Xero

Nobody goes into business with the intention of doing paperwork. Long days are made even longer by manual data entry, chasing up receipts, reconciling bank accounts, and following up customers for payment. How much time would you save if all of this was automated? We’ve seen first-hand how Xero has helped business owners free up […]

Redefining Success Webinar

Success - successful woman

The events of the last two years have shone a light on what’s important. Everyone’s view of success is different – and what is enough for one person may not be the same for someone else.  Even more so after the last 2 years people are reviewing their goals, and what they want for their […]

Vision, Purpose & Values Webinar

Vision, Purpose & Values Webinar

Vision, purpose, and values are three cornerstones of a strong workplace culture. They help to align thinking throughout the business and can provide a solid foundation for growth. At our complimentary webinar, we’ll teach you how to develop your vision, purpose, and values to maximise your results. Join us on Tuesday 9th November at 10am […]

Reclaim Your Time Webinar

Reclaim your time webinar

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but some people achieve so much more than others.  You’ll always be busy, so you need to take steps to reclaim control of the time you have.  The business and personal cost of not doing so is too great. On Tuesday 12th October at […]

The PPF Masterclass Schedule

PPF Masterclass Schedule

One of our values at PPF is excellence – we’re always learning and evolving, constantly refreshing our own knowledge bank with the latest info and best tech available to make life easier for our clients. Back in July 2020 we launched our education program for our clients as part of our Live & Learn community, […]

We do more than just keep the tax man happy!

We’re not merely accountants – we do more than just keeping the tax man happy! Traditional accountants will focus on keeping the tax man happy, but we’re here to partner with our clients and make a real difference.  We want you to spend less time doing boring accounts stuff and more time doing the things […]