How do you Market your Uniqueness (Brand USP)? – Guest Blog from GAS Brand Studio Ltd

How do you Market your Uniqueness (Brand USP)?

Guest Blog from Gail & Steve of GAS Brand Studio Ltd

How can brand design make you stand out from your competitors?

Unless your product or service is totally unique, you will need to stand out by either being better or cheaper.  Put yourself in your client’s shoes, why would they want to buy your services or product or attend your event over your competition? What is different / better/ right for your client or customer? If you can confidently identify your unique selling point (USP), or if you are lucky and have more than one strong difference, you can help set yourself apart. 


(We call it Key Brand Messages)

An effective USP or Key Brand Message is short, easy to remember and relevant to your business.

Structure your differences and benefits into clear communications to clarify your brand and build your marketing toolkit.

Think How You are Qualified to Help Your Clients?

(not just the BA (Honestly)

There is the obvious academic qualifications in some service and professional sectors, but these may not be unique, so think more deeply about specific experiences, interests or skills do you have? Think about previous careers or even hobbies that could appeal to your ideal customer. For example you may have been a financial director within a marketing firm, but now setting out on your own as an accountant, you understand how creative companies work, think and speak, so are in a good position to use this as one of your benefit skills.

What do you Offer that Other Companies Don’t?

(no really, don’t be modest)

Imagine you are your ideal client, what would you want from a company in your sector? How do you offer your service differently to others? Why did you start your company, why do clients like you and what you do?

What Do You do?

(not just your job title) 

In developing your key brand messages, you need to get across to ideal customers your benefits. Steer clear of the passive voice, “I am a web designer.” Focus on the verb of the task you are doing, “I design websites”. Words such as build, create, fix, rebuild, all describe what you do in a more positive way adding a value. 

Do you Connect with Your Clients?

(the touchy feely bit)

Sometimes working with you isn’t necessarily about what you do for the client, in terms of the finished product. It may be how you make them feel. Do you respond quickly, remember details about their lives, make them feel listened to? Do you donate to a charity they identify with, or run your business in an environmentally friendly way. Do you get their niche of business, do you work with the financial sector, construction or motor industry, make sure your previous experience is clear?

Good design helps to illustrate some of the harder concepts to communicate. Can you really convey emotions just through text?

Do You Save Your Clients Time or Money?

(the nuts and bolts) 

Can you offer the cheapest price, or be the quickest. Showcase rewards and recognition in your marketing material. If a client thinks of services or products as similar, they are more likely to choose the cheapest quote. If your costs are average or higher, you will need to add perceived value. This could be free membership to an advice resource online, a free review how your product/ service is working for them. You could include complimentary services, so that they are only having to use one supplier for a range of items saving them management time.

Well designed brand marketing materials all give you a professional toolbox to effortlessly explain your difference. This makes the sales process less stressful, more efficient and effective.

What do Your Clients Want?

(Keep giving it to them and explain to others why your custom

If you regularly talk with your clients, find out how you appeal to them, build on your unique qualities, so that new clients also find your business compelling to work with and come back to. Use their insight in case studies and testimonials to support your brand messages.

Need Help Communicating Your Difference?

If you still need help identifying your Key Brand Messages and how to communicate them, (it can be really hard to identify for yourself when you are working within your business), we really enjoy talking to new companies and getting under their skin.

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