Filming our #behindyourbusiness video with Xero

Last week Darren of 3D Oak Limited and I had the pleasure of filming our #BehindYourBusiness video with Israel and Paul from Xero and what an amazing experience it was.

Beforehand both Darren and I had spoken with Anna to discuss the storyboard for the video and what we’d be required to do.  Along with filming a video Xero also wanted photos of us both for a marketing campaign. We then received the Call Sheet and it felt like we were about to step onto a real film set! Darren and I were listed under ‘Talent’!!  It really did feel surreal, and still does!

Our first day of filming was to take place at our new office in Ford End.  Israel and Paul carried out interviews with Darren and myself, and we had many photos taken.  



Our second day was out on one of Darren’s customer’s sites where he is currently building a 3-bay cart lodge.  Darren’s team joined in with the filming and photos, and Darren explained to Israel, Paul and me how the cart lodges are constructed using traditional methods. It was amazing to see the structure and the building all come together.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  Israel and Paul even got some drone footage which was to the delight of Darren’s client and team.  It really is amazing the technology used to film the video.




Darren of 3D Oak says: “A massive thank you to the Xero team, what an amazing experience to work with such professional people. From the setting up of the shoot to the two day filming you made us laugh and enjoy every single minute. Can’t wait to see final results. – “If you think you can, you can”

We’re hoping the video will be launched at XeroCon on the 14th& 15thNovember – I am so excited to see the finished video in all its glory, and be able to share it with you Laughing  We’re still not sure on what the local advertising involves, but billboards and bus stops with our photos on have been mentioned as a suggestion – eek!!