We are now partnered with Float!

We’ve just partnered with Float Cashflow Forecasting to help our clients build a better understanding of their future cash. After using Float for PPF it’s one of my new favourite tools!

What is Float?

Float is a cashflow forecasting tool that gives you cashflow forecasts which are highly visual and accurate, and a much better alternative to traditional spreadsheet forecasts!  Float connects with Xero and it’s great at building a realistic, visual picture of what your cash is going to look like in the short-to-mid term. It’s already helped me make many decisions and is helping me to grow the business.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Scenario plan for different future plans
  • See when you might have an upcoming cash gap that you need to plug
  • Update ‘expected payment dates’ on upcoming invoices and bills to see a more realistic cashflow forecast
  • Keep track of your debtors and creditors
  • See whether you are under or over budget in your spending and sales
  • Save loads of time over a spreadsheet with automatic updates from your accounting software

How does it work?

Float connects with Xero and updates your expectations with actuals every day.  Wecan set up your cashflow forecasts for what you expect to happen each month, and Float will keep these updated every 24 hours with reconciled bills, invoices and transactions from Xero, so you can track your budget vs actuals automatically.

In Float we can set ‘expected’ payment dates on upcoming invoices and bills that can be different from the official due date, making your forecast a true reflection of your cash position. You can also easily create scenarios for your future plans to see what you can afford, and when you can afford it.  Float is much faster and simpler than Excel, plus it never goes out of date!

How is Float different?

What’s different about Float is that it’s really easy to use, and it builds the cashflow forecast using payment dates on invoices and bills, so it shows you how much cash you’ll actually have in the future, unlike a P&L budget.

Operational forecasting – because Float’s forecasts are built using invoices and bills, we can show you a clear picture of how much cash you’ll have in the coming months.  This is much harder to achieve with a P&L.

Cut down on data entry –  save time with automatic updates every 24 hours with what’s really happening in your business, and trust the information will always be accurate.

Plan for different scenarios – plan for different possible futures and compare them to your existing realistic forecast to see if they’re feasible.  Great for when you’re looking at taking on staff or moving to a new office.

Forecast future cash movements – in Float you can easily forecast future cash amounts that aren’t tied to an invoice or bill. These then fill up with data from Xero as they happen. 

Spot cash fluctuations in advance – get an early heads-up for future cash shortages and surpluses well before they happen so you can take action early.

Understand your business at a glance –  you don’t need an accounting degree to understand how Float works.  We will get it set up and running in no time and explain what everything means so you can keep an eye on your cashflow going forward.


If you’d like to see how Float and cashflow forecasting can help you and your business please complete this quick questionnaireand at the end there is a link to book a discovery call with us and get started!