PPF Recommends – MileIQ

We first discovered MileIQ at XeroCon London 2018.  What first appealed to me was how easy the app was to use – they’re just like Tinder – swipe left for a personal trip and right for a business trip.  It sounded fun, and I gave it a go.  

I can confirm it is really simple to use – the app captures every mile you drive, no starts or stops required, it just works.  As long as you have your phone on you (and it’s switched on!) the journey will record. So no more forgotten journeys – everything is logged automatically.  This app is likely to save you money!

You can personalise the app – set your preferences, add vehicles and locations, and fully customise the app to suit your business needs.

You can also classify drives really simply – as I said above – swipe left or right to say if it’s business or personal.  It will also recognise regular journeys and set these as either business or personal so you don’t need to swipe over and over again for your regular trips.

The app also sends all your business trips through to Xero nice and easily.


Overall I think this is a great app, and I thoroughly recommend it to keep track of your mileage. We are able to offer a 20% discount for clients on the MileIQ subscription cost – drop us an email today to get your unique code and sign up link.