We’re rebranding and it’s all because of you

CH Accountancy is entering the next stage of its life, complete with a brand new name and a new look to match. On the 7th of June we’ll be going home for the weekend as CH Accountancy, and we’ll be waking up to work on 10th June as Pink Pig Financials – and it’s all inspired by you.

We started CH Accountancy because we lived, breathed and believed that business owners could do both: build a successful business and have all the time they wanted to spend with the family.

We still live and breathe this ethos, and we believe it’s still what our clients desire most. But your everyday financial needs have been steadily evolving, and we’ve been evolving with them.

Now a growing team of financial specialists and business advisers, the firm is no longer exclusively Cheryl, and we’re no longer only offering standard accounting services.

You’re behind our rebrand (and you didn’t even know it!)

Thank you for being the inspiration for our brand. I just know you’re sitting there wondering how our little Pink Pig could have anything to you do with you. Here’s how:

  • It’s recognisable to you – The pink pig has been a part of our original brand since day one. Though we’ve made some changes, we wanted to make sure you know that we’re still the same familiar faces, and we’ve still got your back.

  • It symbolises your wealth – We promise to help you build a future, by growing a cash-happy successful business. The piggy bank is the symbol for our promise.

  • It reminds you of your ultimate WHY – We designed the pink pig to be childlike as a constant reminder to you that our whole business ethos revolves around your family.

  • Even our font is bolder – Because our clients show us every day just how bold and brave it is do both – grow a business and grow a family!

What exciting things can you expect?

We’re doing more than just keeping HMRC happy

We’ve never been the type of firm to simply sit and tick boxes, but we know that staying in HMRC’s good books is crucial for every business owner. We’re now using the latest and best technology to give you full accounting support, so that we have more time to spend talking to you about what really matters.

We’ve found that one of the biggest barriers to growing your business is cash flow. You need cash to survive and grow, and not having enough can be the biggest cause of stress.

Because of this, we’ve focused our attention on helping you master the three key steps to positive cashflow. As a little gift to celebrate our rebrand, you can get the ball rolling today by downloading our Cashflow Calm Guide for free!

We’re offering daily support

We’re over the moon to announce that we’re making daily bookkeeping a reality. We’re already in the process of setting this up for our existing clients, and we’ve been waiting in anticipation to break the news to everyone.

Our daily bookkeeping service will mean you’re able to have up to date numbers at your fingertips at all times (even when you’re baking cookies).

We’re doubling down on our values

One of our seven values is continuous improvement, and we’re always reflecting on our values to make sure we’re always staying true to them. Adding these new services allows us to bring even more value to our relationship with you, so that you have even more quality time at home.

Which means… we’re waving goodbye to Tax Returns for Sole Traders

The more we work with limited companies, and less demand there has been for us to provide a tax return service for Sole Traders – so we’re calling it! The 2018/19 tax returns will be the last we’ll complete, so that we can focus all our time and attention on delivering valuable business advice to our clients. Don’t worry! We’ll be in touch directly with the few this change will affect.

But there are some things that will never change

Our why

Whether we’re CH Accountancy, Pink Pig Financials (or any other name for that matter) we will come to work everyday to support and guide you, so that you can build a successful business to suit your family life, not the other way around.

The way we work with you

If you’re an existing client, then be assured that our processes won’t be changing. We still love the way we get things done, and we’ll still be communicating with you as we always have.

No rebrand could change our love for Xero and for the time-saving tech we’re always talking about. Promise!

So, what do you think?

You can’t inspire a rebrand and not give us your thoughts…

Drop us a comment or share your thoughts with us on social. And don’t forget to download your Calm Cashflow gift on the way out!