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What has coronavirus taught you?

Since the pandemic brought the economy to a halt, we’ve seen many businesses find innovative ways to adapt, and even thrive.

No doubt the ‘temporary’ normal has been hard for everyone in one way or another. We won’t pretend it has been easy for us here at Pink Pig. We’re parents in business, and we work mainly with parents in business. I’m sure we’ve all got a story to tell about how that has gone down.

But it has been a learning experience for us too.

When it all kicked off, we started holding weekly calls with our clients to keep them updated and support them. Little did we know, these weekly calls would evolve beyond just crisis updates and become something exciting of its own.

Our clients have reminded us of the importance of community

It has been really lovely to see all our clients faces.

But more than just a lovely catch up, we’ve seen a community form on these weekly calls.

The check-ins have shown us:

  • Our client relationships are even stronger – When we get to meet regularly and importantly, when we’re learning together.

  • Our clients really benefit from meeting each other – we’ve seen relationships form between clients, because they’re able to share their advice, ideas and struggles with like minded business owners.

  • People want to learn from guest speakers – we’re always trying to share helpful content in a way that is easily consumable for you. We’ve had great feedback from the guest speakers we’ve already had on our calls, and we want to continue to provide this value.

We welcome you to join other clients in our exclusive Live and Learn community

As a result of the success of these sessions, we’ve created an online community we’re calling Live and Learn.

Live = A nod to one of our fundamental principles. That your business exists to facilitate your ideal lifestyle! We truly believe in having fun.

Learn =  A testament to all the learning curves we experience as business owners, and how we can help each other benefit from our experiences.

Our biggest hope for our community is that we all come out of this crisis with a new lease of life, and continue to grow and improve together. That’s our goal!

How it will work

We’ll be meeting via Zoom for a live session each month & some social sessions throughout the year.

  • Business Development Session – on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 11am

This will officially kick off on: Wednesday 1st July

This is where the learning comes in. We’ll have a different theme every month with topics of importance when you’re running a business. This will range from exploring the business owner mindset and your personal growth, to practical advice on budgeting, cash flow, getting paid faster. We’ll continue to have guest speakers for topics, including the particulars of pension planning, insurance and other specialist areas.

We also want to encourage you to share your wins of the week, and we’ll help with challenges too. We’ve found focusing on the positive first to be a really helpful exercise (especially mid work week!)

  • The Social Session – real life, in person social events!

This will officially kick off on: To be confirmed

We meant it when we said we believe in fun! This session is where we’ll do the ‘living’. This is more of a social networking session to get to know each other and build personal relationships, with the Pink Pig team and with each other. We’re still working through ideas on the best way to hold these sessions – not helped by Boris and the gang keep changing the goal posts!  But needless to say we want you to enjoy these sessions!  Meeting people in real life seems quite alien right now, but we look forward to having the opportunity to see you face to face.  We’ll update you as soon as we’ve finalised all our plans.

  • When you join you get access to our Facebook Community too – As this is exclusive to clients only, it’s a safe space for you to continue to share questions, thoughts and chit chat. You’ll be more than welcome to network with each other, which we encourage of course – but you can rest assured we won’t be letting anyone come in with any salesy spam. Not here. No sirree.

Thank you for helping us live out our values

Two values close to our hearts at Pink Pig: Fun and Continuous Improvement.

We’ve really enjoyed these sessions so far, and thank all of our clients who’ve showed up – for us, for themselves, and for others.

We always talk about Pink Pig being a family, and we’ve truly seen these values reflected in your attitudes during the hard times and the good.

Long may it continue!

Excited to join already?

We’ll be sending an email to all our existing clients on the week commencing 22nd June. The email will include registration links for both Zoom sessions and a link to the facebook group. If you don’t see it in your inbox and you’ve checked it’s not gone to your spam box, let us know by emailing us.

We’d love you to join us, but there is no pressure here. You’re totally welcome in any way though. We’re a family friendly firm, remember. We understand if you have to miss some sessions for the kids. You’re welcome to bring them along too though! Your family is always welcome.

Not a PPF client? This is a little taster of what it’s like to be a part of the Pink Pig Family. If you think we might be a good match for you, and you’d like some support (plus access to our exclusive community!) fill in our questionnaire and tell us about you.