Getting paid quicker and upfront with iwocaPay

get cash in the bank quicker with iwocaPay

iwocaPay is a payment service for small businesses to improve cash flow. ​You as a seller get cash up front​ for your invoices while your customers get to choose to pay now (and pay very quickly and easily!) or spread the payment over 90 days.

Once signed up you can connect to Xero, set up a new Invoice template with the iwocaPay payment service, send your customer an invoice and they can use the Pay Now button to make payment.

If your customers chooses to pay now, they can do so using Open Banking technology in under 2 minutes – no getting out card readers to log onto internet banking, no setting up a new payee, no faffing around!  Just quickly and easily.  And you get paid immediately, with NO FEE!!!

If your customer chooses to pay later they have up to 90 days to make payment.  The first 30 days are always interest free and your customer can pay early anytime without extra fees.A £5,000 invoice at 3.33% monthly representative rate would be split into 3 monthly payments of £1,723.33 – bringing the total to £5,170.Interest example for iwocapay pay later

As with pay now you will get paid immediately, just less a 3% fee.  There’s no hidden subscription fees and no maximum or minimum number of invoice you can use iwocaPay with.

  • No more chasing invoices – Get paid right away and take control of your cash flow. Go back to doing what you do best and have the funds to do it.
  • Never be out of pocket – Offer better payment terms with less risk. iwocaPay will never ask you for the cash if your customer doesn’t pay them.
  • Make more (bigger) sales – Let your customers pay later so they can use you more now. Increase their invoice value and how often they go to you.

How does it work?

Check out our video showing you how quickly and easily it is to connect to Xero, and then send an invoice and get paid!

If you love what you see (and frankly, why wouldn’t you?!) and are ready to sign up, click on the link below and sign up with iwocaPay!  If you want to know more, or need some help in getting it set up drop us an email on

Sign up for iwocaPay

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