Our Fee Protection Service

Fee Protection Service - protecting your family

At Pink Pig Financials we understand that tax is a little word with big implications. That’s why we work hard to give you the best possible advice and strategies to make tax altogether less taxing.

A tax investigation could cost you money even if you’ve done nothing wrong. HMRC are using sophisticated software to target individuals. The very thought of an HMRC enquiry can be daunting but in the event that you are chosen for investigation we can help you at every step of the process. Early professional representation is an essential part of your defence, this takes time, expense and flexibility on our behalf. 

Investigations are on the rise, can last a long period of time and can be costly, with the average accountants fee to assist with an investigation being in the region of £2,000 – £3,000 plus VAT.

We therefore believe our Fee Protection Service is an essential product and we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we did not provide this service and protect our clients from these potential costs!  

What’s included?

Our Fee Protection Service in partnership with Croner Taxwise includes:

  • Representation from us in the event of an HMRC investigation, with zero excess and £100,000 fees indemnity.
  • Peace of mind.  We will deal directly with HMRC on your behalf safeguarding you from the concern and stress of unknown additional fees.
  • Access to experienced solicitors who will advise you on all areas of law including contract, property and landlord & tenant.

What’s covered?

With our Fee Protection Service you will be insured in the event of any compliance check, visit or investigation started by HMRC regarding compliance with:

  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment
  • VAT
  • Income Tax Self-Assessment
  • PAYE & P11D
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • IR35
  • National Insurance
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Gift Aid legislation and regulations
  • Stamp Duty (including Land Tax)

Full terms and conditions can be found at www.cronertaxwise.com/premier-professional-policy

Including professional fees incurred in respect of a local review of the enquiry and preparation and representation at an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal or Employment Tribunal and any appeal against such a tribunal’s decision. After an appeal to the Upper Tribunal or where there is no right of appeal to the tribunal, the Policy will cover an application for Judicial Review (subject to a maximum indemnity of £5,000). 

Where applicable this service extends to include your directors, partners and company secretaries subject to external income limits. 

Liability of Clients

The plan DOES NOT protect clients for any payment of tax, interest or penalties arising from the Investigation. What it does do however is give us the best chance to fight the investigation as effectively as possible on your behalf by removing the worry about the costs in the process.

The following are also excluded:

  • Fraud
  • Deliberate Omissions
  • Criminal Prosecutions
  • Tax, finds, penalties & interest due
  • Tax Avoidance Schemes
  • Enquiries commencing outside of the Period of Service

Clients remain liable for any costs which, in their absolute discretion, the insurers refuse to cover and for any excess over the £100,000 limit. We have hardly ever experienced an investigation which cost more than £100,000 to complete and claims will only be refused or reduced in exceptional circumstances. This might include for example excessive costs incurred where a client insists on a meeting to review every letter written in the course of an investigation, or in the case of a new client of our practice coming on to the scheme who has committed a ‘time offence’ such as late notification of a new source of income.

Next Steps

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