The Money Confidence Programme: The What, The Who & The Why

Money Confidence Programme

Knowledge is power. You’ve heard the phrase before. So what type of power could a complete understanding of your business bring you? The power of quick, confident decision making? The power to start each day knowing exactly where you stand? The power to make more money, improve cash flow, and get that much closer to achieving your goals? 

Our Money Confidence Programme is designed to bring you the knowledge and power you’ve been looking for. Management decisions rely on a sound understanding of the financial drivers in your business. We’ve developed this coaching programme to not only help you have accurate numbers, but to teach you how to understand and interpret them so your business has the strong foundation it needs to grow. 

The What: A fully customisable 6 or 12 month coaching programme designed for your needs, objectives and business direction

Our Money Confidence Programme takes place over the span of either 6 or 12 months depending on how fast you wish to go. You’ll attend 1-2-1 monthly or bi-monthly meetings with the Pink Pig team to discuss and review your financial results. Beyond that, the specific topic of each meeting is entirely dependent on you, your business, and your goals. You’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Gain knowledge of key accounting concepts 
  • Develop an understanding of your key financial reports
  • Identify specific weaknesses or areas where you could save on expenses and increase profit 
  • Receive independent advice with ongoing phone support between meetings and access to the collective wisdom of the Pink Pig team, our systems, products and services 

Your meetings will culminate in learning how to produce and interpret your own customised financial reports on a monthly basis. Money Confidence Pig

These reports are the key to a puzzle you’ve always been trying to solve. Once you have the skills to collect, organise and interpret your key financial data, you’ll have the power to make quick, confident decisions and continue driving your business forward.

That means less time agonising over spreadsheets, and more time having dinner with your family, going on adventures, or just kicking your feet up and relaxing. 

The Who: Passionate business owners who are tired of having questions and ready to get answers

The business owners we work with at Pink Pig are some of the kindest, smartest, and all around best people we know. You’re tired of the gobbledygook of accounting. You want clear, concise answers, and you want them now. 

You’ve been asking: 

  • How much profit have I made this year? 
  • What should I be looking at and how often?
  • Why has my profit increased but I have no cash?
  • Is my cash level increasing or decreasing?
  • What is affecting my cash level?
  • What do I do now? 

Our Money Confidence Programme can help you find all these answers and more.

We work with all types of business owners, from sole traders to partnerships to corporations. All we ask is that you have up to date software to run reports and obtain data. 

To learn more about the Pink Pig Mission and our values we live and work by, click here

The Why: To take back control of your financial situation

There is no better time than today to start taking back control. The sooner you start the Money Confidence Programme, the sooner you’ll have an understanding of your financial results, their implications, and the next steps you can take to improve not just your business but youran investment in knowledge pays the best interest everyday life. 

Our coaching programme will: 

  • Help you to feel in control of your finances
  • Give you the confidence in your finances you need to make decisions
  • Identity and correct existing errors in your reports to ensure you’re getting the correct information 
  • Teach you how to customise, format, and review your reports so decision making is quicker, easier, and less stressful 
  • Give you access to independent financial advice, phone support between bi-monthly meetings, and a team of accountants, systems, products and services all working towards your goal 
  • Keep you accountable with check-ins and actionable lists of steps to take between meetings 
  • Allow you to know what your tax bills will be so you don’t need to stress about them –  instead you can plan and save!

The Investment: Just £2,400 plus VAT

Money ConfidenceThe Money Confidence Programme is an important investment not just for your business but for you, personally. The time and money you put in today will be returned to you ten-fold in the future.  

If you’re ready to take control of your financial situation book your discovery call today!  Or if you have any questions or are ready to get signed up, please drop us an email on

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