The Digital Nomad Visa – Part 2

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My previous blog on this subject was written as I was sunning myself like an iguana at a poolside in Panama … part 2 on The Digital Nomad Visa comes to you from a rainy day in Buxton, but that’s the beauty of remote working, isn’t it? I’m not complaining about Buxton in any way – I’m loving being in the hills of the Peak district – but we do all need to get away from time to time, and I’m sure we all feel like our vacation was never long enough!

So, if you do fancy getting yourself a ‘Digital Nomad’ visa, and being able to extend your stay in paradise, here’s a list of some of the countries currently offering this, and what you’ll need in order to get one (there are loads more too, so if the place you fancy isn’t on here, have a Google and check)!

  • The FREE Visa

Not many things come for free these days, right? But, according to my (albeit limited) research, some countries offer the Digital Nomad visa for no cost – including Georgia, The Czech Republic & Mauritius.


Why: Whilst in Poland, I had the opportunity to have Georgian food on a number of occasions .. oh my goodness. (link to Travel Blog ‘December’) If you like carbs, you’ll LOVE Georgian food .. big shout outs to ‘chinkali’ (dumplings) and ‘kachapuri (incredible cheese-filled bread!) in particular. I haven’t been to the country of Georgia myself, but I know that there has to be something pretty magical about this country that’s the corridor between Europe and Asia and allegedly has 12 different climate zones…

What do they ask for: You need to have proof of your remote work position, and of a valid health insurance. Oh, and also, they only ask for a monthly income of $2000, or to have $24,000 in savings.

Taxes?: After being in the country for more than 180 days, you become a tax resident, and only pay 1% tax up to $155,000! 

Fun fact: Move aside Italy, France & Spain .. Georgia is the true birthplace of wine!


  • Go down to Kokomo…

If you’re dreaming of a life in the Caribbean, you’re most certainly not alone. The good news is that many Caribbean countries and happy to extend a warm (literally and metaphorically) welcome to those who can grab a visa … the slightly worse news is that many of these are going to cost you a fair chunk of money, and require a high income.. So, if I was a rich woman, where would I choose…?


Why?: If you’re searching for some of the world’s best snorkelling, you’ll soon hear about this little Dutch-Caribbean island. Basically, if you’ve seen it in Finding Nemo, you’ll find it here!

What do they ask for: The visa application currently costs just under $300, and they rather vaguely ask for ‘proof of solvency’, which could mean that if you’re good at talking your way round things, you could get yourself there for less than some other places!

Taxes?: You will not become a resident and therefore will not owe taxes to the country.

Fun fact: If you’re wondering where you’ve heard ‘curacao’ before, it could’ve been in a cocktail bar! The orange liqueur of the same name comes from there.


  • The Long-term Visa

A lot of these visas are offered for only a year, but there are some places that want you to come and stay for a lot longer. If you’re looking for 3 years or more, you could try Indonesia, Thailand, Greece, Norway, Romania, Brazil and others … If you’ve seen my travel blogs though, it will be no surprise to you that I would choose…


Why?: Food. Sunshine. Cheapness. Tequila. Food. Mountains. Surfing. Whales. Scuba. Ancient Ruins. Zip lines. Food. Sharks. Cenotes. Did I mention food?! If I had to give you a list of my favourite things in the world (many of which are included above), Mexico has them all. I’ve been able to visit Mexico twice, but I certainly plan to do it a lot more! (link to travel blogs for Mexico)

What do they ask for: The current monthly income is just shy of $1700 per month.

Taxes?: You become liable to pay taxes if you stay for more than 180 days consecutively.

Fun fact: Want to learn a new language whilst you’re there? Mexico is home to 69 of them!


  • The City-lover Visa

When you think of your dream way of working, is it at some gorgeous little coffee shop in a historic, European city? A visa could help you fulfil this in Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Dubrovnik, or even …


Why?: I don’t tend to consider myself a big city person, but you just have to love Budapest. From the thermal baths, to the water park on an island .. this is a fun, and beautiful, place to be!

What do they ask for: Income of $2000 per month, proven for the past 6 months, and an application cost of $110.

Taxes?: No tax due to he country.

Fun fact: If you like a spa, and, as far as I’ve seen, like to be dressed in it (thanks a lot Poland! (link to Polish sauna experience blog) then you’kll be happy to know you can steam to your heart’s content in some of the 70 million litres of water that rise to the surface of Budapest’s 120+ spas


  • The Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Let’s be real, a lot of these destinations, we may be able to holiday to pretty cheaply and easily, but what about that place that quite probably, you’ll only get to go one time? And in that case, you’d better make the most of it? For me, that would be…


Why?: Everyone I know who has been to South Africa has come back smitten. From the stunning wine country, to close encounters with lions and elephants, to the penguin beach .. I have a feeling that South Africa is a place you just have to experience for yourself.

What do they ask for: This visa was only announced in April of 2022, so there’s not much info out there yet – get savings!

Taxes?: Same as above

Fun fact: There are over 2000 shipwrecks along its coastline, making for some excellent scuba trips … as long as you don’t mind the sharks!