Growth Strategy Sessions

Growth Strategy Sessions

Do you want to grow your business profits? Are you too busy working in your business to work on it? Our growth strategy sessions could be just the thing for you!

Your expertise plus ours equals growth.

Together we will identify potential areas for profit improvement using our 7 ways to grow framework.  It’s all well and good us giving you the framework and an action list template to put together.  But if you’re already struggling to fit everything in it will be another of those things you get, but don’t action – because it get’s put to the bottom of the list and you get back to all the other hundred and one things on your to do list!  We know the real magic is when we work together to put a plan in place with specific action points and deadlines!

So that’s why we are offering our growth strategy sessions to help focus, put a clear plan in place, so you can take clear targeted action.

We will meet over Google Meet for two hours

During this time we will:

  1. Look closely at your business and be challenged to adapt.
  2. Look at the potential for growth – using the growth equation.
  3. Work out which of the 7 ways to grow you should be focusing on.
  4. Put together an action list using the 7 ways to grow.
  5. Establish some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the results.

And bonus time – we’re also throwing in some accountability.  At our session we will book a follow up 15 minute call to check in on your progress and make sure you’re doing everything you said you would!

The technical stuff:

  • We will need to send you some pre-work to complete ahead of the meeting.  This will enable us to prep accordingly, and maximise the value from the time we spend together.
  • If you’re not already a client of PPF we will need to run some AML (anti money laundering) checks ahead of the meeting, so we will need you to upload some ID on booking (1 x photo and 1 x address ID).  Sorry to be a bore, but it’s part of a licence conditions that we do this before we work with any client!

The Price? £449 plus VAT

Sounds like this is just what you need?  If you’ve heard enough and want to get booking then hit the button below to book your session.  We can also spread the cost via iwocaPay if you’d rather not pay all in one lump sum – so drop us an email on and we can get this all set up for you.

What our clients say

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in my Growth Strategy session with Cheryl, but I could not be more thrilled with the results of our time together. Kika Mitchell
Facts and figures aren’t my strong point but this was a totally holistic growth strategy session, we discussed planning, marketing, financial results, forward planning and so much more besides.
Cheryl was informed, insightful, full of knowledge and so happy to share everything she could with me. I am absolutely buzzing with excitement to start working on all the elements we discussed together.
So many of them were fresh ideas from a new viewpoint but so valuable, which I can’t wait to start implementing immediately. Plus, I also have a follow up in a couple of months which will definitely keep me focused and on track for growth.
Thank you so much Cheryl, this was time very well spent, you are brilliant, I’m so glad I took the plunge to do this with you.  Forward motion feels so powerful.”
Kika Mitchell, Kika Mitchell Photography



Want to know a bit more?  That’s ok, we’re happy to talk through any questions you have.  Please drop us an email on and we will answer all your questions as soon as we can!

Want to know a bit more about our 7 ways to grow?  Check out our free masterclass.

We look forward to strategising with you and helping you to grow your business.