Does your recruitment process serve your business?

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Following the launch of our new HR service, I thought it would be useful to share some details about my recent recruitment process with Pink Pig Financials.

It went above and beyond your standard CV and interview process, so I’m going to take a few minutes to highlight the best parts and why the process was so good!

It’s so easy to apply for a job these days—one click of a button to send your CV, and that’s it! You can see how jobseekers can end up applying for more jobs than they are actually interested in, so how do you find out which candidates really want to work for you?

Applying for the role

It began with an ad on LinkedIn, which I happened to notice. A few basic details were required, along with a CV. Within the advertisement was a link to the Pink Pig website. This was a great opportunity to find out more about the company and their values. A really nice addition to the website was the “meet the team” video, in which the current staff members talked a little bit about working for PPF. This was a lovely way of introducing the team and getting a feel for the style and culture of the company. There was also a handy graphic to show all of the stages of the application process, so I knew what to expect right from the outset.

PPF Hiring process

Not long after my initial application, I received a request for more info, I had to answer a few more questions about myself and also a few questions to check that I was really interested in the company and had spent time looking them up! The big task at this point was having to record a 3 minute video introducing myself! For many people, this might seem like a daunting prospect, but as Pink Pig is a company that likes to create blogs and vlogs as part of their marketing, it was super important to find staff members who are happy to give it a go! This task required some planning, research, and time spent recording the video (and if you are like me and talk a lot, it took a few takes to get under 3 minutes!) This step of the process really showed which applicants were serious about the job and the company.

Completing the technical test

A little time later, I was asked to complete a bookkeeping task, 10 bookkeeping questions, to give the company an idea of the level I was already working at. This was helpful for the company but also really helpful for me; if I had been unable to answer any of the questions, then maybe I would have been a bit out of my depth in the role! The flip side of this was that when I did get offered the job, I already had confidence that I would be able to do the work!

Meeting the team

The next step was a team interview! This felt quite daunting at the time; meeting the whole team all at once made me very nervous! But it was such a great opportunity to meet everyone! Whenever I’ve started a new job in the past, the worst part for me was the worry about whether I would get along with my new team. Often, interviews are with just two people, so you don’t get to meet your new team until your first day. And it is so important for a workforce to be able to work well together and gel as a team, so this step was really important to me.

And finally, once I’d been approved by the team, I got to meet Cheryl, the CEO! A final few questions, and the process was complete!


At the time, I felt the whole process was very long, but looking back, I can now see how useful it was for both parties! I got the chance to really make sure this was the right role for me and the right team. And the team got to make sure they were picking a candidate that would fit in and that they could work well with. I felt so welcome in the team instantly, as I knew they had all had a say in which candidate they chose and that they really wanted to work with me. The whole process was really tailored to the company, helping them find the right candidate for them.

What would work for you?

Of course, I’m not suggesting you copy the same process as PPF; you will find out what works for your business. I just wanted to give you an insight into my experience and say, “Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.” Tailoring your recruitment process will help you get the right people!

Part of the new HR service we are offering is guidance and support in setting up your own recruitment process. Find out more details about how we can support your HR function here, and get in touch!