What is all year round accounting?

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If you’re already a client, you’ll know that we provide an ‘all year round accounting’ service. If you’re not, listen up, because it’s not just your average set of accounts!

So, there’s obviously a difference between ‘year end’ and ‘all your round’ accounts. The phrase ‘year end’ denotes just that – that once the year has ENDED, the accounts will be looked at and dealt with.. 


But what good is that to you if you want to be budgeting and forecasting for the future? Or if you want to set aside your tax throughout the year? Or even if you just quite rightly want to know how your business is performing? The answer is – it’s not. 


With the move to cloud accounting in recent years, business owners can now rightly expect to know, at the touch of a button, the state of their business on any given day …


So this is where our ‘all year round accounting’ comes into play. Depending on the other service you select, we are AT A MINIMUM, sending you reports each quarter, detailing things like;


  • YTD turnover
  • Profitability and cost of sales compared to previous quarters
  • Your estimated corporation tax liability
  • Yous estimated personal tax liability
  • How much is available to you as dividends


There are many ways to personalise your services, whether it be upgrading to having these reports on a monthly basis, or adding in Key Performance Indicators where we track specific costs or sales in your business.


As a bookkeeping client, you will be confident that we are updating your bookkeeping between 3 and 5 days a week (depending on the working days of your account manager!)


Gone are the days of surprise tax bills. Here are the days of knowing your business inside out, and working with accountants who do too!


To have a chat about which services would be good for you, please fill in our Quick Questionnaire and book in your Discovery Call.