How to make the most of your holiday allowance in 2023

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Holiday allowance is precious – even if you’re just going to be slouching at home in your PJs with a book, there are hacks to make the most of your holiday allowance, by being savvy with your Bank Holidays. And feels so good when you know you’ve got the most for your time off – like getting a good bargain! 

So here’s how to do it!

chichen itza holiday
Chichen Itza, Mexico


Due to April 7th (Good Friday) and April 10th (Easter Monday) both being bank holidays, you could take a 10 day holiday for only 4 days of allowance!

Where to go?

Hot weather – the dreamy Riviera Maya in Mexico is well over 30°!

Cold weather – get on the slopes and also catch the end of season ‘Top of the Mountain’ concert in Austria

Family fun – enjoy Disney in Orlando, Florida before it gets too hot and too busy!



With Bank Holidays on 1st & 8th, you could get a full 10 days for 4 days of allowance (29th April – 8th May)

The 29th is a bank holiday too if you’re looking for a long weekend break for 1 or 2 days of allowance

What could be more romantic than ‘Paris, ‘the city of love’, in Springtime?

Where to go?

Beautiful Beaches – With rainy season just finishing, Bali isn’t quite full of tourists just yet!

Nature – enjoy some (hopefully!) gorgeous spring weather in the Lake District, UK

City break – What could be more romantic than ‘Paris, ‘the city of love’, in Springtime?






August / September

A bank holiday on August 28th means that a 10-day late summer vacay could be yours for just 5 days of holiday (25th August – 3rd September)

Where to go?

Once in a Lifetime – Get to Kenya and see ‘the greatest show on earth’; the migration of 1.5million wildebeest!

Something different – Head to Barcelona to take part in ‘la tomatina’

Culture – It’s ‘winter’ in Buenos Aires, meaning comfortable temperatures as you explore this beautiful city

New Your holiday
Name a better winter city than New York


25th & 26th are Bank Holidays, so treat yourself to a 10 day Winter Break up until New Year’s Day

Where to go?

Winter City – Name a better winter city than New York

Shopping! – Dubai is renowned for its shopping if you’re looking for some holiday bargains!

Escape to the sun – Costa Rica is just out of rainy season, and you have never seen ‘green’ like this!