Do I need an accountant or bookkeeper?

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Do I need an accountant or bookkeeper? Can’t I do it myself?


Actually, yes, you probably can!


Wait.. what?


You, as a team of accountants and bookkeepers are saying I don’t need an accountant or a bookkeeper…?


Yes, we are.

Defining the “Need” for Professional Services

Just like you don’t need a hairdresser.

You don’t need a butcher.

Or a mechanic to change parts on your car.

You don’t need a plasterer.

And you don’t need a dentist to extract your tooth… and I could go on.


When you think about it, there are really very few professions that we NEED. If ‘need’ means it’s an absolute necessity that someone else does and there is NO WAY you can do it yourself (brain surgeons, I’m thinking would fall into this category…!) then you could definitely save yourself a lot of money by taking a lot of matters into your own hands!


But – if services we ‘need’ we are defining as (which, let’s be honest, we probably are)

‘someone to do the things that I cannot do very well myself, or do not enjoy doing, and for them to do it to a much better standard than I can, given that this isn’t my area of expertise’…

then yes, we do need a butcher to do the deed on our Christmas turkey, and we do need a dentist to pull out a painful tooth, and we even do need a hairdresser so that we don’t end up looking like Worzel Gummidge! (I’m not that old by the way, but I watched a lot of old TV shows as a kid!)

The Benefits of Hiring an Accountant or Bookkeeper

And in the same vein, a lot of people do need an accountant and a bookkeeper.

Just like, yes, we could probably watch a YouTube video on how to numb our gum, which tools to use to extract our tooth, and which painkillers to take afterwards … you could watch endless tutorials and how to’s on bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, tax returns etc .. But, just as you would find the whole tooth extraction experience much less painful by going to a trained expert, your business experience will be much less painful – and even ENJOYABLE – by handing some bits over to the trained professionals!

Our range of services differs from client to client. Some clients really only need us for a year end, and they are happy to do their own books and payroll throughout the year, whilst some leave the whole thing down to us, even right down to invoicing their clients. So we’re not saying either of the extremes ‘do it all yourself’, or ‘don’t do any of it yourself’ is the answer for everyone. 


The happy medium is probably somewhere in between!


At our Proposal Meeting, we will discuss exactly what you’re happy and confident doing, what we can potentially train or guide you to do, and what bits you just don’t want to do and can hand over to us, the experts.

We keep track of the deadlines and do the hours on hold to HMRC. 


We’ll also do the analysis of your ins and outs and then present it to you in a neat little package tied up with a bow! (not literally, although maybe, if you do sign up with us, wink wink..)


So no, you don’t need us. But just as you want your clients to hand over to your expertise, that’s what we’re here for too. To make your business experience an enjoyable one and a much less stressful one.


Fill in our Quick Questionnaire and we’ll start chatting about how to extract your tooth! Sorry, I mean about how to take the number-y bits of your business that you just don’t want to do, off of your plate!