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It’s Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

Here at Pink Pig, we are BIG on celebrating the wins. The big, the small, the funny, the ironic and everything in between, and we love to showcase our amazing clients and their success too.

If we receive a lovely piece of feedback from a client, naturally, we want to make this into a post and share it with the world – to, quite honestly, show off a little bit, about how great our clients are, and, about how we’ve helped them along the way.

But, as important as positivity is, we’re all aware of the problems with social media. People show the best aspects of their life or business, and rarely share the not-so-good parts, which can leave us onlookers wondering what we’re doing wrong because our life isn’t that peachy all the time! And we do all know, deep down, that EVERYONE struggles. EVERY business has months where revenue is down, EVERY employer has issues with employees from time to time, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has days where we feel like we just don’t want to do it anymore.

But it can be tough to remember this when all we see is other people’s wins.

The Full Picture

So we just want to put a little reminder out there, and it’s this;

Our clients have wins. Big ones! Our clients give us some super lovely feedback. But oftentimes, when they come to us, they are at the lowest point in their business, having just been hit with an unexpected tax bill, or having received a scary letter from you-know-who. Sometimes, even, the feedback we receive isn’t all positive. Clients have every right to tell us how they’re feeling, and where we can do better for them.

So, whilst we probably won’t share;

‘’A new enquiry came in today and they owe HMRC a tonne of money!’’

‘’Our client has had a disgruntled employee leave and needs some HR advice’’

‘’We were in a meeting today, and X client told me that my explanation actually wasn’t very clear and they’re concerned about their upcoming tax bill.’’,

We want to reassure you that it does happen.

The relationship between a client and an accountant, like any other business relationship, is a journey, and when ‘wins’ are shared, it’s often 1, 2, or more years down the line, when all the initial concerns (which were probably why they came to us in the first place!) have been resolved, and balance has been restored in the business.

Your Journey to Success

So when you see those posts, it’s not because everyone else’s business is sunshine and rainbows and nothing ever goes wrong. It may just be because they are at a different point in the business journey than you are currently. Those posts should instead remind you that if you are struggling or experiencing issues within your business, if you start the right journey with the right support, you too can be a ‘client success story’.

We can’t promise that it’ll always be a smooth ride, but we do promise to be beside you on the journey and to do all we can to score you those wins – the big, the small, the funny, the ironic and everything in between.


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