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Why have my accounting fees changed?

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The last time you raised your prices, did you worry about the response you’d get? Talking about money is always a little difficult, isn’t it? We love that we have personal relationships with our clients. We know a good deal about the ups and downs in your lives, and we’re there to celebrate the successes […]

How to set effective goals

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Everyone has goals, hopes and dreams of what they would like for the future, whether that be a personal goal or something for your business. Sometimes our goals can seem so big and so far off that it’s hard to keep the motivation and the focus needed to achieve them. So we are going to […]

Why do we ask you to complete a pre-work questionnaire?

Why do we ask you to complete a pre-work questionnaire?

So you’ve been invited to a zoom meeting with us and we have asked you to fill in a short pre-work questionnaire, but now you are wondering what is this all about…time is precious right?! So why are we asking you to do ‘homework’ before our meeting?   (First things first… if you want to […]

Why do PPF do Annual Client Reviews?

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18 months ago, what did the word ‘Zoom’ mean to you? Whatever it was, it most likely wasn’t ‘’spending vast amounts of my time staring at my own face and hoping I’m muted whilst the rest of my family has a row’’… You’ve had the email from our Madison, inviting you to schedule your ‘Annual […]

4 Things to think about as you build your business

4 Things to think about as you build your business blog

You’ve made it through your first year, you’ve made some money, overcome a few challenges and are settling into actually being a business owner.  But now what? You’re now in the build phase of your business.  It could be you’re working towards your next goal, you may be taking on your first employee, or looking […]

Why do accountancy fees increase as turnover increases?

Why do accountancy fees increase as turnover increases

At PPF we are proud to price our services as fairly as possible.  We’ve stayed away from the traditional method of charging by time, as we do not feel this is a fair way of doing things, so have looked to other factors as a way to base our pricing structure. One of those is […]

We do more than just keep the tax man happy!

We’re not merely accountants – we do more than just keeping the tax man happy! Traditional accountants will focus on keeping the tax man happy, but we’re here to partner with our clients and make a real difference.  We want you to spend less time doing boring accounts stuff and more time doing the things […]