Why do we ask you to complete a pre-work questionnaire?

Why do we ask you to complete a pre-work questionnaire?

So you’ve been invited to a zoom meeting with us and we have asked you to fill in a short pre-work questionnaire, but now you are wondering what is this all about…time is precious right?! So why are we asking you to do ‘homework’ before our meeting?


(First things first… if you want to know why we carry out annual client reviews, see our previous blog – Why do PPF do Annual Client Reviews?)

We strongly believe that completing the pre-work questionnaire will help to maximise the value of our meeting together and here’s why:


  • It gets you in the right frame of mind – often we are so busy running the day to day aspects of our business and lives and our meeting is all about you and your business so it’s great to take those few moments to prepare yourself and think about what your goals are both personally and for your business.

  • Fact finding for us – for similar reasons to the above, your answers help us to see what your goals and plans are so we can prepare beforehand. Our service isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ and we understand that no two businesses are the same, so before your proposal meeting or annual review we like to get an idea of what makes you tick so that we can come to the meeting fully prepared with you in mind!

  • Time Value – generally speaking the meeting is only around 45minutes long, so by completing the questionnaire and us having a chance to prepare beforehand means that we can spend more time during the meeting helping you make the plans needed to reach your goals.

  • Specific challenge – you may be facing a specific challenge, or have questions that we may need to dig a little deeper into and do some research. By providing these in advance it ensures that we can gather the information you need (and have it all there in the meeting) rather than us needing to go off to look into it and then arranging a further meeting which results in taking up more of your very precious time.


Given how important the pre-work is to our meeting, we always ask that it be submitted at least 2 days in advance of your meeting so we can do all that is needed to prepare but don’t panic – we send plenty of reminders! 


So now you know the reasons behind the pre-work questionnaire, the next time you are asked to complete one, you’ll hopefully appreciate and see the value in why we need it.