Our Xero Training Services

Cheryl delivering Xero Training

Unless this is one of the first times you’ve come across PPF you’ll know that we are HUGE Xero fans!  There are huge time efficiencies with the automations, and being able to do things quicker and easier.  You’re able to get the cash owed to you in the bank quicker and have a good overview of what’s going on.  As well as having peace of mind that everything can be done quickly and easily, and with the bank feeds every transaction is taken into account and you’re not scrabbling through paper receipts and bank statements making sure you’ve remembered everything!

We recently held a webinar where we talked through the benefits of Xero, and how it can help you gain money, time and mind freedom (check out the recording here), but the real magic comes when you use the software to it’s full potential.  And to be able to do this, you need to get the basics nailed, and then build on these solid foundations.

Training Options

And that’s where our Xero Training can help!  We know there isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to training – everyone learns differently, and at their own pace.  So we’ve put together a range of options for you to choose what works best for you!


Whether you’re doing the bookkeeping or we are you’re still going to need to know some basics – at least how to raise and send an invoice, and upload your receipts/invoices to Dext.  So our free training videos are a great way to start.  Just scroll down a little and click on theDownload our Account code cheat sheet images for the video you need.

If you’re doing your own bookkeeping then you may feel you need a little more in-depth training.  If you prefer to learn at your own speed in your own time then our online course (coming soon) will be perfect for you.  However if you prefer more of a 1-2-1 approach then we have you covered with our 1-2-1 training via Google Meet.  Scroll down to read more!

Whichever option you choose – check out our free Account Code Cheat Sheet – download your copy today!


1-2-1 Training

Our 1-2-1 training can be tailored to suit your requirements – we’ll be using the Demo Company to demonstrate and practice – but we can also do in real time in your own Xero – going from theory based to actual training!  Whilst this is great for beginners – it’s perfect for those that know a little and can move around Xero and complete the basics.  We can tune your skills to the tasks you need to do, and set up things like repeating invoices, invoice chasers, payment services and more!

We can also be flexible and split your session into 2 giving you time to practice and actually do things in between, then come back and ask more!  We currently have sessions of either 2 hours, 1/2 day or full day – but in reality we can tailor to your requirements.  If you just need half an hour we can sort that for you 😊. All sessions take place via Google Meet.

All you need to do is use the button below to send us an email telling us a little about your requirements and we can discuss what is best for you and get you booked in!


Online Course – Coming Summer 2024!

We’re just putting together our on demand video training course.  The course will comprise of separate videos covering many areas of Xero – from the basics to everyday tasks, to getting the most out of Xero!  Full details will be uploaded to this blog soon, so either favourite this page and keep checking for an update, or hit the button below to register your interest in the course and we will email you as soon as we have all the info confirmed.


Free How To Videos

Here are some videos taking you through some of the basic Xero functions to get you going!




Dext submit by app video Dext submit by email video Publish from Dext to Xero video