Receipt Bank’s new feature Invoice Fetch is now live

Receipt Bank have recently introduced a new feature to save us even more time.  Their new feature is called Invoice Fetch – and as the name suggests it fetches invoices for you.  

With Invoice Fetch you will no longer need to log on to your suppliers portal – i.e. mobile phone companies and Google to name a couple, find and download your latest invoice and then forward onto Receipt Bank – the app will do it all for you, and works with over 2000 suppliers.

We will need to set up the connection between Receipt Bank and your supplier – if you’re happy to give us your log in details we can do this for you (existing clients only), alternatively you can follow these steps to get this set up, in just a few minutes.  

Firstly, log on to Receipt Bank via your web browser: Use the same details to log in as you do with your mobile app.

Click on the green + Add Items button at the top of your screen and select Invoice Fetch

You will then see the following screen, click on Browse Suppliers either at the top or the blue button

Search for the supplier you’re looking for and click on the blue Add button.  Here I’ve searched for Vodafone, and there are the various different country variants – make sure you choose the right country

You will then need to enter the log in details as if you were logging onto their site directly

And that’s it – Receipt Bank will then connect with the supplier (this can take up to 24 hours) and your future invoices from the supplier will then go straight to the Receipt Bank inbox.

You can click on the Manage dropdown box at any time to disconnect the supplier from Receipt Bank or update the connection if you change the password.

And that’s it – I’ve just connected my mobile bills in less than 5 minutes, and now I no longer have to log in each month, Receipt Bank will just take care of it for me hurrah! Laughing

If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of Receipt Bank and would like to know more, please visit our Work With Us page where you can complete a quick questionnaire and book a discovery call with us.